Chrissy M Tarot


A professional tarot reader who uses an honest, big sister approach, Chrissy deals w/real life issues, questions, & problems. Clients should leave feeling uplifted, & empowered. Blending Astrology w/Tarot, her favorite sessions are when she just uses intuition, & loves working w/ ppl who are open to whatever msgs are offered. Go to for more info and discount incentives


Tarot Emergency: Phone ☎️ Reading

If you have an "emergency" reading, and do not want to wait to make an appointment, you can now connect instantly with Chrissy (by phone) when she is logged in/available! Use this feature when you need answers now, and do not want to wait the 24 hours to schedule an appointment.

$3.00 Per Minute
Get a $3.00 Credit on your 1st Call.


Tarot Emergency: Text

Convenient option for quick questions! Not recommended for in depth topics.

$3.00 Per Minute
Get a $3.00 Credit on your 1st Chat.


Tarot Emergency: Video

Use this feature to have a "Tarot Emergency" video session.

Video Chat
$4.00 Per Minute
Active Now