Your Online Friend, Confidante & Vixen


I'm newly divorced (Sept 19, 2020). We're still friends & I'm his advocate for health issues. I'm a fur mama to two kitties & two small senior dogs. All adopted from the shelter where I volunteer. I live in NorCal. I enjoy helping people, making new friends, the theater, dining out, reading, music, watching sports, to name a few. I also like to get a little freaky sometimes.


Your Online Friend, Confidante, Vixen


Our conversations can be friendly, flirty, about fetishes, even a little forbidden (not all subjects, though). I have diverse interests & enjoy discussing a wide variety of topics. Volunteering, the theater, amateur nature photography, reading, dining out, watching sports are just a few things I like. When it comes to more erotic, I hear a lot from those who are bi and/or CD. As for fetishes, anything unusual is intriguing. I'm about mutual pleasures, but lean toward domme. More sensual. Please know that whatever you share will stay just between us. I look forward to hearing from you.

$1.00 Per Minute