Born and raise in Florida. I love learning new things. I've learned I'm a hyper polyglot when it comes to technology. I sell life insurance, and look for ways to help others where possible.


Digital Products and Services


I can help & recommend different digital products or services. I'm a hyper-polyglot when it comes to technology. They include:
-Facebook, Youtube, OBS Streaming
-Website Building: Squarespace, Wix, Webs, Shopify and more.
-Affiliate marketing: share-a-sale
- listing services: google, yelp
-Computer and network issues
-Add 2-step security
-Microsoft office products
-Payment merchants: square, paypal, stripe and google pay
-Recently learning about web database services, such as Airtable
-And much more

$50.00 Flat Rate
For up to 30 minutes