Be prepare for the gathering of the elite for the elite. Empress Dona Diabla will conducting sexual black masses honoring your dark urges. Do you love the unnatural mind melting? Do you want to celebrated perverse tendencies of the elite? Empress Dona Diabla is a tastemaker, animator, style icon, and Lucifer's favorite doll. Never underestimate the power of a Satanic-induced orgasm.


♥Demonic Latin/Middle Eastern mistress♥

I’m Dona Diabla, a dark pale beauty with an thin yet curvaceous body. I am of Turkish and Mexican descent. With wide green eyes, cupid bow's lips, and an dark laugh. As I light my candles, chant my incantations, and clear my mind for your domination's my slave for the weekend, you will serve my every need and desire. I take control of your body and mind as my personal possession.

$50.00 Flat Rate
For up to 10 minutes