Hello, I'm the C.E.O. of M.O.C. (Maximum Organism consultants) coming soon!! I specialize in everything you need to know about desires. I've counseled people for years. It is my pleasure to Help Men and Women achieve there most sexual and intimate goals. feel free, confidant, and comfortable to Text. Trust me, to guide you through difficult and uncomfortable Topics. How may I help You?


In the closet Lesbian/Gay Chat, How can I help you?

Hello, My name is Ebony. If you want to chat about your feelings and don't know exactly, how to engage with peers, friends, or family about what your really feeling, come chat with me and express yourself freely; Sometimes being in the closet, your not ready to come out. This is an outlet, for any woman over the age of 18, don't bottle these feelings in. take small steps starting with me.

$15.00 Flat Rate
For up to 15 minutes
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