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I would have to say, there is nothing more Taboo, then the thought of wanting to lose your virginity to Mommy. If you have ever thought about having some Mother Son sex chat then you have had those taboo thoughts that get my juices flowing so much.



I too started at a very young age, with my Daddy. I was afraid to tell people we use to shower together, I would wash him, give him hand massages, Or at least that's what he called them. I have so much to show you my Son, Just how to touch mommy, caress mommy, kiss mommy. When you see Mommy naked in the shower, don't you think about how you just want to jump in and explorer our bodies together? I am in need to be teased and pleased. We will get so freaking nasty, and as hardcore as need be. Hurry... Mommy needs you!

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