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My name is Irene and I've been reading the cards for over 40 years. I also use the crystal ball and can also tune into the spiritual plane. I have a wealth of experience to draw on and offer insight, guidance and advice on all matters including Love, Money and Work.


Powerful Spell right NOW!


You will need tea light candles and so make sure you have them ready! (any colour is fine)
This is an interactive spell that we cast together and so give double the power than normal spells! We will work together so I can give you instructions of what to do at what times. We also have some short mantras that need repeating. I type one in and then you copy etc. This is a 20-minute session for a single cast that is enough though you are welcome to extend for a double or treble.

(APPROX £2 a Minute)

$2.62 Per Minute