Graduated from The University of Arizona with a bachelor's in Psychology and a minor in sociology. I have a certificate to teach English as a second language and have been doing so for more than a year while also giving Spanish lessons. I am also well-versed in essays and the APA formatting style, as it was engraved to me during my college years. My passion for writing continues through my blog.


English-Spanish Interpreter/Translation

Having trouble understanding the person on the other line because of a language barrier? Does the person only speaks Spanish or only speak English? As a bilingual individual, switching languages is no problem at all.

Video Chat
$2.00 Per Minute


Work on Essays

Having trouble creating an outline for your essay? Need someone to bounce off ideas and help build a solid and compelling piece for your class, then you have come to the right place. I will help you develop your essay from the ground up. This includes: finding a topic based on the assignment, building an outline, help with proofreading and editing. Disclaimer: you will have to write the essay, I will just be a sounding board to help guide you through start to finish.

$2.00 Per Minute


Talk to Someone

Some people prefer talking with strangers about their problems. Why? It's pretty simple, and it bubbles down to, they do not judge, and they are distant enough that they can see the bigger picture. Often, they ask great questions that will lead you to an answer. So, let's start talking and finding you some answers to what's keeping you up at night.

$1.00 Per Minute