Fire safety or Wellbeing

Fire safety and fire engineering professional, full IFE member. Recently started a wellbeing-focused CIC to help people with the physical and mental health. I have learned many ways to improve my own mental health and chronic fatigue issues and have valuable experience that could help others. I am kind, outgoing, smart with a lot of life experience and love to help people and make them laugh.


Wellbeing Advice

Having struggled with mental health and chronic fatigue, I have a wealth of useful information that has helped me and others, from practical advise, to supplements that have worked well for me, to exercises that can help reset the nervous system. Spend some time talking to me and you will leave feeling better than you did before you started. Disclaimer: I am not medically trained but have lived experience and have completed a short counselling course.

£15.00 Flat Rate
For up to 30 minutes