Intuitive Readings With Gina


Gina Buchanan is an Intuitive Advisor with many years of experience in the psychic industry. She works with clients around the world daily providing insight and answers that lead to fulfillment and that guide to a better life. She reads with a Southern Belle charm that is kind and direct. Gina is also listed on the prestigious Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory,


Intuitive Chat Rune & Oracle Readings

Connect with me live for Intuitive Rune & Oracle readings. I hail from the Mississippi delta and read cards in the "old school" way with a method often called the way of the 54 devils using an ordinary deck of cards. I also am very skilled in the use of Runes. Be at ease and know that I will guide you with kindness and Divine love. I specialize in Love & Relationships, as well as Life Path Readings. I am gentle, nonjudgmental, and also very direct. (Please, no past life, mediumship, pregnancy, legal or medical readings) I am looking forward to our session together!

$2.99 Per Minute