Mistress Gina


Mistress Gina - Ebony Sensual Pro-Dominatrix. So very evil and controlling 👑. My ideal sessions is where I have you admit to all the dirty, secrets in your mind. You know the ones you don't want anyone "close" to find out. My specialty is tease and denial, humiliation, degradation, feminization, blackmail, wallet draining and more. Just Ask and let's see if our kinks and interest align.


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Can't Talk? Send me a text introduce yourself. Let's chat about you kinks and interest.

$1.50 Per Minute


Femdom Experience With Mistress Gina

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Mistress Gina Wilds is a Pro-Domme in the US. I have been a Phone Sex Domme for 4 years and I enjoy it. I love using, controlling, verbally humiliating and teasing & denying men who cannot seem to control their urge for weakness.

I am the place you come to Release All Control, to get rid of the weight of the day. Do not worry about being in charge anymore, IM IN CHARGE NOW!

With a body that you can only dream of pleasing, eyes you get lost in, and venomous words that lead to your destruction.

I’ve got what you want, I am the FEMDOME EXPERIENCE THAT YOU NEED

$3.00 Per Minute


Humiliation - SPH, Cuckolding, Degradation, Manipulation, Ego Destruction


Do you crave being belittled, ruined and humiliated by a Superior Dominant Woman like me? I enjoy using your mind and making it putty in my hands as I dwindle you and your masculinity down to size in the most exciting way. My evil laugh and words will push you to the edge of climax. BUT ONLY IF I SAY SO! When you call you are mines at the moment and nothing else matters but ME making you feel small in every way. You know you want to... so call and be my Newest Pet to fall under my spell. 😈

$2.99 Per Minute