Hi! I am a systemic holistic therapist graduated from the Escola dos Terapeutas Curadores de Alma (School of Soul Healing Therapists) located in Porto Alegre, Brazil.


spirituality is commitment

Many people come to me reporting that they are unable to establish themselves in the habits of a healthy life within spirituality. Or that in the absence of some resources, he does not understand the factors involved in taking action with a spiritual nature - whether in the philosophical or religious aspect. What happens here is that an unconscious aspect has to be evaluated by the individual, to enter the path it is necessary to understand the virtues and the reeducation of habits and paradigms, which hitherto limiting, make us repeat the cycles of self-sabotage.

$30.00 Flat Rate
For up to 30 minutes


How can we redefine limiting beliefs? how to make my dreams come true?

Here I will help you to reflect on the controversial and conflicting points in your pattern of feelings, thoughts and behaviors. We will welcome ourselves and identify the anxiety behind the limitation or self-sabotage. We will understand what our fears are and also our gifts, our abilities. Together we will plan how to achieve our dreams.

$45.00 Flat Rate
For up to 45 minutes


Therapeutic counseling for problems of family and love relationships

Our relationships have a huge impact on our lives. Knowing how to relate to others is knowing how to relate to ourselves. With this in mind, we often fail to understand the issues of others that make us suffer precisely because our thoughts and attitudes have become dependent and confused. When we bring responsibility to reality to ourselves and how we handle external situations in a healthy way, we end up becoming active in our relationships and we are able to adopt tenderness in our daily lives.

$40.00 Flat Rate
For up to 40 minutes
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