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What's 'Top Answer Rate', and how can I optimize mine?

"Top Answer Rate" quantifies how consistently you engage with incoming Premium.Chat requests. A high rate implies reliability and dedication. We calculate this daily using a 30 day average. Achieving a spot in the top 10% for "Top Answer Rate" will reward you with a ribbon on your profile, elevating your visibility and appeal to potential chatters.

Here's how you can improve:

  1. Consistent Engagement: Aim to respond to every Premium.Chat request. Even during busy times, recognizing a chat request can have a positive impact on users. It's very important not to miss requests.
  2. Manage Your Availability: Clearly communicate when you'll be active on Premium.Chat. Users tend to be understanding if they know when to expect a response.
  3. Stay Updated: Regularly check any platform updates or training materials. Staying in-the-know ensures you're always leveraging the platform's best practices to engage effectively.

    Tips: Make sure your notification options are optimized as best as possible so you don't miss requests and income as a result.
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