How it Works

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Sign Up for a free account on Premium.Chat

Create a Chat Widget

Create widgets for the chat topics you'd like to offer, and set the prices you'd like to charge.

Set Your Per Minute or Flat Rate Fee

After you accept, the billing will begin. If you've set a per minute fee, the person you’re chatting with will only be billed for the time used. If you’re charging a flat rate they’ll'be charged the full amount.

Add to your Website and Social Media

Copy and Paste your HTML code for your widget to your website and/or promote your Premium.Chat link on your social media accounts.

Set Availability

Set your availabily to Online, Offline or set a Schedule that turns it on and off.

Accept and Decline Chat Requests

When someone clicks on the Let’s Chat Now button on your widget, you’ll receive an SMS from us indicating the person's name, price, and topic.

Your Premium.Chat account will show detailed reports

We will be calculating how much is owed to you. We will pay you 10 days after the last day of the previous month.

For our Terms and Conditions including payout details, and revenue scales Click here.