I am a Master of Philosophy and a freelance artist (illustration, graphics, painting). Mysticism and logics both have their voice in my mind-heart. I hold a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy. My philosophical mind understands different worldviews and viewpoints, no matter how contradicting these are. This makes it easy for me to listen and understand others.


Empathic Listening and Philosophical Talks

I am here to listen you. Or talk with you as you like. You are welcome with all your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts. Or with your silence. You are welcome to share your grief or talk about your daily interest. I listen... Abstract thinking, philosophical and theological questions and contemplation. I will not provide *right* answers and hopefully (!) no answers at all. We will talk and do the thinking together. I believe in the power of philosophising as one of the tools that lead to birth something new for oneself in the thinking and feeling processes.

€0.93 Per Minute