Uvita Henville


I Am A Motivational Speaker and Advisor On Counselling, Global Affairs, Politics, How You Are Able To Be More Positive And Better Your Life With A New Vision, New Job, New Life. Come To Me I Can Help!


How Can You Get Over Grief And Anxiety, And Panic Attacks During This Pandemic!


I Can Help You Get Over Your Grief By Learning To Cope With Your Guilt And Shame, Ask Me Any Question On Bereavement. I Am Here To Help. I Am A Qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, With A Psychology Degree In Counselling Psychology And A General Bookworm. I Read And Know All There Is To Know About Government Affairs And How To Read Between The Lines And Prepare Yourself For What Is To Come. Text Me I Can Answer Virtually Anything!

$5.00 Per Minute