Frequently Asked Questions


What is Premium.Chat, & How does it work?

Premium.Chat is an innovative platform that connects individuals seeking conversations with individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. Whether you're in need of advice, guidance, or simply a stimulating conversation, Premium.Chat offers a secure and convenient space for you to connect with skilled individuals who provide their insights in exchange for a fee.

When you sign up for Premium.Chat, you gain access to a wide selection of individuals who possess deep experience or knowledge in various domains. The platform offers an extensive range of categories, enabling you to find specialists in areas such as business, finance, personal development, health and wellness, technology, and more. By browsing through different profiles, reading informative profiles, you can select the person who best aligns with your specific interests and needs.

Premium.Chat streamlines the payment process, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction. The platform provides flexible pricing options, allowing individuals to set their rates based on duration (per minute), or session (flat rate,. This flexibility empowers you to choose the payment arrangement that fits within your requirements and budget.

Using the live chat messaging interface provided by Premium.Chat, you can initiate conversations and exchange messages with the chosen individual. This chat interface prioritizes privacy and confidentiality, creating a one-on-one setting where you can discuss your concerns, ask questions, and seek guidance. The platform is designed to deliver a premium experience, offering features such as discover, receipts history, notifications, my content and much more.

By utilizing Premium.Chat, you can benefit from the knowledge, experience, and insights of individuals who have a genuine passion for sharing their expertise. Whether you're seeking professional advice, aiming to broaden your network, or simply looking to engage in a thought-provoking conversation with someone knowledgeable, Premium.Chat provides a convenient and reliable platform to connect with these individuals.

It's important to note that Premium.Chat acts as a facilitator and does not endorse or verify the accuracy of the information provided by the individuals. It is essential for you to conduct your own research and exercise your own judgment when evaluating and implementing any advice or recommendations received through the platform.

In summary, Premium.Chat is an intuitive platform that enables individuals to engage in paid conversations with knowledgeable individuals from diverse backgrounds. It offers a secure and convenient means to connect, chat, and gain valuable insights from individuals who are passionate about sharing their expertise.


Why do you pre-authorize my card?

A card pre-authorization is a common practice in many businesses, including online services like Premium.Chat. The primary reasons for pre-authorizing a card are:

Verification: Pre-authorization checks whether the card is valid and has sufficient funds for the transaction. This ensures that the service can be provided without interruptions.

Fraud prevention: Pre-authorization helps in preventing fraudulent activities.

Securing Payment: In businesses where the final amount may vary, such as a pay-per-minute chat, pre-authorization secures the payment for the estimated service amount. If the actual service usage exceeds the pre-authorized amount, further authorizations can be made such as extending your session, and media purchases.

Remember, a pre-authorization is not a charge. It's a temporarily holds a specific amount on your card to ensure that those funds are available when the actual final charge is made.  The amount of your pre-authorization will vary depending on who you plan to chat with. To learn more about the pre-authorization amount read here.

How Your Billing is Finalized

When your session ends, the settled amount used is billed and displayed to you. This amount can also be found in the receipt history of your account. Any remaining blocked amount from the pre-authorization is released back to your account. The timing for this can vary depending on your bank's policies which is usually several business days.


Per Minute: When you choose a pay per minute option, you will only be billed for time used.  Any remaining unused funds will be returned to your card.


Flat Rate: When you choose a flat rate option, you will be billed the full amount regardlress of the time used which means no funds will be returned to your card. All minutes are used up when your session ends.


What is the amount of the pre-authorization?

The pre-authorization amount for a chat session on our platform is determined by two factors: the per-minute rate set by the independent seller and the anticipated duration of the chat.

So for example: the person you're chatting with, we'll call them the "seller", sets a price of $1.99 for each minute of the chat. They think the chat might last about 20 minutes.

Before you start chatting, we need to make sure your card can cover the cost. So, we do a quick check, or "pre-authorization". This is just a temporary hold, not an actual charge. Any left over amount when the session ends will be automatically credit back to the card you used, and detailed records can be found in your receipts on our site.

Here's how we figure out the amount:

We take the cost per minute ($1.99) and multiply it by the expected chat time (20 minutes). So, $1.99 times 20 equals $39.80. This is the amount we check your card for.

Remember, we only do this check when the seller is ready and accepts the chat. And, for per minute chat you only get billed for the time you actually spend chatting. If you extend your chat because you'd like to chat longer than expected, we'll let you know before you are pre-authorized again when any extra time is added.

How to find the Pre-authorization amount

To see the pre-authorzation amount go to the seller's profile, and look for the price per minute. Next to the price per minute you will see an "i" that is highlighted. When you click or hover over it you will see the amount of time set for the chat, the price per minute, and the pre-authorization amount. You can see this before you decide to begin your session to ensure your card has enough funds beforehand. This way when your chat is accepted it will work successfully.


Why Is My Card Declined?

To begin with, it's important to clarify that we do not directly decline card transactions. Instead, we strive to process your charges, and any decllines are responses received from your bank or credit card provider. It's crucial to establish the cause by either examining your account details online or getting in touch with your card provider using the contact number on the back of your card. Once the issue is sorted, you can continue with your transaction.

Let's look at some common reasons for transaction declines:

  1. A number of factors could lead to your credit card being declined: account configurations, insufficient balance, incorrect details, or an expired card.

  2. Mistakes could occur while inputting the card number, CVV/CVC, zip/postal code, expiry date, or name, leading to transaction failure.

  3. Insufficient balance in your account or an exceeded credit limit could also result in a declined transaction.

  4. Your bank may flag a transaction as suspicious, requiring you to confirm it either through a call or a text message. In such cases, it's advisable to inform your bank that you're trying to complete the payment, and it's safe to proceed. Once done, you can retry the transaction.

If the decline continues to happen you may want to consider trying a different card by adding it to your wallet.


How do I find people to chat with?

Here' an expanded guide on how to find people to chat with using the's discover feature:

1. Visit the Discover Page: Navigate to

2. Use the Search Bar: If you already know who you're looking for, you can type their name, a keyword, or a specific topic into the search bar. This will bring up relevant results instantly, allowing you to find and connect with the right person quickly.

3. Filter Options: The discover feature provides several ways to filter and sort the profiles:

Chat Type: Filter by the type of interaction you're interested in, such as "Chat", "Live Video", or "Calls".

Status: Filter the profiles based on whether they are currently online or offline. You can also select "Incentive Offer" to see profiles offering free credits as a first time customer. Additionally, there are filters for verified profiles and for profiles containing adult or non-adult content.

Sort Order: You can sort the displayed profiles by relevance, recently active (online) or by the date they signed up on the platform.

4. Browse by Category/Sub-Category and Topics: Below the filter options, you'll find a wide range of categories and topics. These cover areas such as "Health & Wellness", "Home & Lifestyle", "Science & Math", "Sports", "Technology", "Travel", and many others. Within each category, there are a variety of specific topics. For instance, under "Health & Wellness", you'll find topics like "ADHD / ADD", "Aging", "Allergies", "Alternative Medicine", and so on. You can browse these categories and topics to find people specializing in areas you're interested in.

The discover feature offers a robust system for finding the right people to chat with. Whether you're searching for a specific person, filtering by chat type or user status, or exploring various categories and topics, the platform provides a multitude of ways to connect with others based on your interests and needs.

How to use

How do I enable audio and video on Premium.Chat?

Firefox (Desktop & Mobile):

When prompted by the Premium.Chat website, a notification will appear in the address bar with a camera and/or microphone icon.


  • Click on the icon, and select "Allow" from the drop-down menu to enable audio and video.
  • Refresh the page if necessary to apply the changes.


Chrome (Desktop):

When prompted by the Premium.Chat website, a notification will appear in the address bar with a camera and/or microphone icon.

  • Click on the icon, and select "Always allow [website] to access your camera and microphone" from the drop-down menu.
  • Click "Done" and refresh the page if necessary to apply the changes.



Chrome (Mobile):

When prompted by the Premium.Chat website, a pop-up will appear requesting access to your camera and/or microphone.

  • Tap on "Allow" to enable audio and video.
  • Refresh the page if necessary to apply the changes.


Safari (Desktop):


When prompted by the Premium.Chat website, a notification will appear near the top-right corner with a camera and/or microphone icon.

  • Click on the icon and select "Allow" from the drop-down menu to enable audio and video.
  • Refresh the page if necessary to apply the changes.


Safari (Mobile - iOS):

  • Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
  • Scroll down and tap on "Safari."
  • Under "Settings for Websites," tap on "Camera" and "Microphone" separately and choose "Allow" for the desired website (
  • Open Safari and visit the website that requires audio and video permissions. The settings should now be applied.

What are the different statuses on the Premium.Chat platform, and how can I best utilize them?

The platform has various statuses to help you understand the availability of sellers:

1. Available: This status signifies that the seller is currently ready and able to take chat requests. If a seller has this status, you can start a conversation with them right away.

2. Online: This status indicates that the seller has been active on the platform within the past 20 minutes. This is updated automatically by the platform. Seeing a seller as Online suggests they are likely to respond promptly to a chat request.

3. Busy: This status is shown when a seller is engaged in a chat with another user. If a seller is Busy, they are currently unavailable for new chat requests. However, even if a seller is Busy or Offline, it's recommended to put in a 'Notify Me When Available' request. The platform will then send an email when the seller becomes available again.

4. Offline: This status indicates that the seller is not currently available to take chat requests. They could be taking a break or attending to other commitments. Just like with a Busy seller, if a seller is Offline, you are encouraged to put in a 'Notify Me When Available' request, and the platform will notify you when the seller is available again.

To ensure you don't miss out, sellers can also set a custom schedule on the platform. This feature allows them to switch their status from Available to Offline or vice versa, based on their preferred working hours.

To receive faster real-time notifications, make sure to provide your SMS or WhatsApp number. This way, you'll be alerted instantly when your chosen seller is available or transitions from Offline to Online. Always remember to check a seller's status before initiating a chat request to ensure prompt responses.