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How do I find people to chat with?

Here' an expanded guide on how to find people to chat with using the's discover feature:

1. Visit the Discover Page: Navigate to

2. Use the Search Bar: If you already know who you're looking for, you can type their name, a keyword, or a specific topic into the search bar. This will bring up relevant results instantly, allowing you to find and connect with the right person quickly.

3. Filter Options: The discover feature provides several ways to filter and sort the profiles:

Chat Type: Filter by the type of interaction you're interested in, such as "Chat", "Live Video", or "Calls".

Status: Filter the profiles based on whether they are currently online or offline. You can also select "Incentive Offer" to see profiles offering free credits as a first time customer. Additionally, there are filters for verified profiles and for profiles containing adult or non-adult content.

Sort Order: You can sort the displayed profiles by relevance, recently active (online) or by the date they signed up on the platform.

4. Browse by Category/Sub-Category and Topics: Below the filter options, you'll find a wide range of categories and topics. These cover areas such as "Health & Wellness", "Home & Lifestyle", "Science & Math", "Sports", "Technology", "Travel", and many others. Within each category, there are a variety of specific topics. For instance, under "Health & Wellness", you'll find topics like "ADHD / ADD", "Aging", "Allergies", "Alternative Medicine", and so on. You can browse these categories and topics to find people specializing in areas you're interested in.

The discover feature offers a robust system for finding the right people to chat with. Whether you're searching for a specific person, filtering by chat type or user status, or exploring various categories and topics, the platform provides a multitude of ways to connect with others based on your interests and needs.

What does 'Top Answer Rate' mean?

Top Answer Rate" measures the consistency with which a seller responds to the queries they receive. A seller with a high "Top Answer Rate" has a track record of answering a majority of the Premium.Chat requests sent their way. This metric can be a good indicator of a seller's reliability and dedication to engaging with their audience.

What is 'Top Answer Speed'?

"Top Answer Speed" is a metric we use to showcase sellers who are exceptionally quick in responding to Premium.Chat requests. When you see a seller with a high "Top Answer Speed", it indicates that they tend to respond rapidly to chat requests, ensuring you get timely responses and a smoother chat experience.

What Does the "Popular" Label Mean on Profiles on Premium.Chat?

The "Popular" label on a profile on Premium.Chat signifies that the topic associated with this profile is among the most sought-after in its specific sub-category. This label indicates high demand and interest, meaning that this particular topic falls within the top 20% in terms of popularity within that sub-category. This helps users identify which topics are currently trending or receiving the most attention in their respective fields.

What does the checkbox on the profile mean next to the username?

The checkbox next to a username on Premium.Chat indicates that the user has undergone and successfully completed the platform's verification process. Here are some key points about this feature:

  1. Purpose of Verification: Verification on Premium.Chat is designed to enhance trust and credibility among users. It's a way for sellers to show potential clients that their identity has been confirmed by the site, increasing the likelihood of engagement and trust in the services offered.

  2. Verification Process: To get verified, sellers need to click the "Get Verified" tab in their account. The process is straightforward and doesn't involve any fee. Premium.Chat typically reviews accounts for verification within 48 hours. However, it's important to provide accurate and truthful information. Submitting false IDs or not following the verification form instructions can lead to being barred from verification or even account termination.

  3. Eligibility and Privacy: Users must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for verification. Premium.Chat places a high emphasis on privacy and security. Any information provided during the verification process is kept secure and confidential. Even verified users can maintain a general, non-identifiable public profile on the site, ensuring their identity remains undisclosed to the public.

  4. Benefits of Being Verified: While not mandatory, being verified can significantly benefit sellers. It helps in building credibility and trustworthiness, which are crucial in attracting and retaining clients on the platform. Verified profiles are likely to be more appealing to users seeking reliable and trustworthy chat services.

In summary, the verification checkbox is a mark of authenticity and credibility, signifying that the seller has been recognized by Premium.Chat as a verified and trustworthy user, adhering to the platform's standards for identity confirmation and professionalism.

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