Get Paid to Chat
with Clients, Fans, & Followers

Add a profitable new revenue stream to your website or social media accounts.

Perfectly Made for you

Paid Chat - The Way You Want It

Use Premium.Chat to offer paid chat – the way you want it:
Easily create your Premium.Chat profile and share links on social media, your website, or in emails and direct messages. Alternatively, create your own paid chat widget for your website. (Installation’s as simple as copying and pasting a few lines of code!)

Get Paid to Video Call

Premium.Chat is the easiest way to launch a flat-rate or pay per minute video call service:

  • Offer any service you want, from professional consultancy to webcam modeling – and everything in between.
  • Video chat securely and in real time from any device, with no need to install an app.
  • Build a global clientele as the world switches to remote working!

Get Paid to Text Chat

Voice and video calls aren’t for everyone – so Premium.Chat also supports text-based chat, consultancy, and support services:

  • Get paid to text chat securely, from any device, with no app to install.
  • Offer text chat alongside or instead of video chat – whatever works.
  • Boost your availability and stay connected with clients – even when it’s not convenient to video call.

Get Paid for Calls

With Premium.Chat, it’s never been simpler to offer any kind of paid chat, consultancy, or support service.

  • Set flat rates or per-minute fees, then take calls from any device via your web browser. (No app to install!)
  • Chat securely – without exposing your phone number to clients, fans, or followers.
  • Monetize your time, with a fast, flexible, and hassle-free solution for anyone who wants to get paid for calls!

The Ultimate User-Friendly Chat Billing System

Your time is valuable, so start getting paid for it

Cut out time-wasters and engage with clients willing to pay for your time.

Connect securely with clients all around the world

Our secure paid chat solution works internationally – empowering you to reach a global audience.

Set your own fees to maximize your profits

Easily set text and video chat fees that work for you – from $1.00 to $5.99/minute, or up to $50 for flat-rate chat.

Stay in control

Set up availability schedules and accept or reject individual chat requests as they come in.

Work from anywhere, on any device

Premium.Chat works with all mobile and desktop browsers, delivering a user-friendly paid chat experience for you and your clients.

We handle the billing; you handle the chat

Secure credit/debit card processing is included, covering Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover.

Reliable, on-time payments

Get paid by Direct Deposit or PayPal on the 10 th of each month for the previous month’s chats, with full accounting.

Transparent, easy-to-follow reporting

Benefit from reliability you can count on, with real-time, accurate reporting and billing that will keep you in the picture.

Super-lucrative two-tier referral program

Refer friends and contacts to earn even more. We pay 2.5% of all revenue generated by your referrals, and 2.5% on anyone they refer!