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Are you are a influencer, business adviser or a life coach; a wellness guru or an online tutor? Whatever your talent, Premium.Chat offers the perfect tool to connect you with your clients and make money online. Not only can you create a cutting-edge revenue stream by providing this on-demand chat service, but you can also generate additional income through our two-tier referral program!

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Connect with modern audiences by adding a chat widget to your website. As the favored mode of communication for the millennial generation, a text based chat service is set to be the client contact method of choice for consultants and specialists alike. Your customers will be able to immediately connect with you, from wherever they are in the world. The Premium.Chat platform will secure their payment so you don’t have to, while your Premium.Chat income is transferred to you on a convenient monthly basis. Set your own schedule, and charge to reflect your excellent service!

We believe so much in our easy-to-use paid chat platform, that we feel a two-tier referral program is the perfect way to reflect the relationships we build with each of our customers. By providing an integral service that allows your business to flourish, we aim to build a reputation that will steadily grow. Join us for that journey, and share in the benefits!

What Is A Referral Program?

We all put great value on the opinions of the ones we love. As social creatures, taking the advice of those we trust is a core part of how we navigate this world. For businesses, building a referral program means providing a top-notch product or service. They can then ask their customers to spread the word, in return for a reward! This can be viewed as the cornerstone of marketing with integrity, as only the truly satisfied customer will see potential in making referrals. A referral is a great review, that travels!

If you’re not yet on board, signing up to Premium.Chat is a risk-free endeavor. There are no sign-up fees, and no monthly charges. When you make money, Premium.Chat will charge a small percentage for facilitating your paid chat service, and nothing more. We are confident that as soon as you discover how easy to use this chatting platform is, you will want to tell your friends about it. Become an ambassador for the Premium.Chat brand by referring your family, friends and followers to our service. In return, we will enter into a partnership with you, by offering you a share of their revenue!

How Does Our Two-Tier Referral Program Work?

As A Premium.Chat seller, you can boost your earnings by recommending the Premium.Chat platform to others. You only need to follow one simple step. We will provide you with a tracking link that you can easily share online. When others click on that link and sign up to become Premium.Chat sellers too, you will earn a percentage of each of their sales, forever!

This referral program is not only one-tier, but two! This means that by referring your contacts, you will earn 2.5% of their revenue, and 2.5% on those referred by your referrals as well. This multiplying effect can offer impressive results. Before you know it, you could be tracking the income you generate through our referral scheme. It is easy to find in the reports section of your Premium.Chat account. Remember, the benefit you receive from the referral program is a permanent promise, to reflect your value to us as a Premium.Chat seller.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you haven’t already signed up to become a seller with Premium.Chat, create your account today. Adding an easy-to-use chat widget to your business website is a fantastic way of offering great service to your clients, while honoring the value of your time! As you get to know our service, and begin to create a brand-new revenue stream, consider if anyone you know could benefit from Premium.Chat as well. You can help your connections get ahead, while boosting your own income in the process.

We want to expand the Premium.Chat brand by doing things right. To us, this means building a solid reputation, by providing an unbeatable product for our valued customers. This makes our two-tier referral program the perfect marketing approach. Through your satisfaction, our integrity will be the measure of our success. As the Premium.Chat community grows, your business can too, in more ways than one!

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to adhere to Section #9. of Premium.Chat’s Terms of Service regarding the Referral Program.

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