Monetizing Followers: The Potential Power Of Premium Chat For Instagram Influencers

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Your Instagram page has a following that is growing by the day. You are inevitably considering how to turn your expanding community into a viable income through follower monetization! Instagram influencers make money in a notable variety of ways. From brand sponsorships, to affiliate marketing; from acting as brand ambassadors, to developing their own digital or physical products. Becoming an Instagram Influencer takes dedication, a great deal of patience, and a substantial time investment. Turning your Instagram devotion into a revenue stream makes perfect sense.

Instagram Influencers Make Money Because Their Time Is Valuable, and followers are willing to pay for one-on-one chat

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The bond that each follower feels to the Instagram influencers they follow is a truly personal one. They look for real authenticity, an ethos, and an aesthetic that they can relate to. This sense of connection is prized by each person that follows you! Giving your followers the chance to connect to you one-on-one offers a wonderful opportunity for those who value you the most. Premium.Chat’s easy-to-use widget allows you a perfect forum to share your time with followers, while creating a revenue stream for yourself.

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Business Insider reported that the influencer industry is expected to be worth $8 billion this year, growing to a whopping $15 billion by 2022. Developing a strategy to turn your own Instagram kingdom (or queendom!) into a lucrative business is common sense in such a booming market. It’s bizarre to think that this industry is less than a decade old! More and more people are finding entertainment and incomes online. A total transformation of the way brands advertise is underway and the Instagram influencer market is not going anywhere any time soon.

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You may be experiencing an overwhelming number of direct messages as an Instagram influencer. Don’t let that frustrate you! It’s time to start monetizing your instagram account. Your followers have questions and feel curious about the details of your life. Rather than getting sucked into time consuming back and forths, you can choose to only share personal messages with followers through your Premium.Chat service.

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The Premium.Chat system offers convenience because it is web based. You and your followers won’t have to download or install anything and, most importantly, you can have total confidence that each chat session has payment secured before it begins, while being totally safe and secure. The protection of your data is assured, and you don’t need to chat to anyone that you don’t want to.

How Easy Is It For Instagram Influencers To Make Money With Premium.Chat?

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Customize your chat topic/s and pricing to maximize your earnings.
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The wonderful thing is that you can offer the chance for your followers to chat with you for whatever price you choose. Once you have created your Premium.Chat account, it takes only minutes to create your chat offering. You can begin making money online! Build your very own Premium.Chat widget, and customise it to suit your style. A consistent tone is an important part of building your personal brand.

Choose how much time you want to be available to your followers, by setting your Premium.Chat schedule to suit your needs. You can either choose to charge by the minute, or select a flat rate fee for each chat session you take. Whenever someone wants to chat, you will receive a notification by SMS or email. You have total freedom to decide whether to start chatting or not.

For your convenience, Premium.Chat will handle all payments on your behalf. There is no need to worry about invoices or keeping track of client bills. Your earnings will be transferred to you each month, less a small commission for use of the service. Beyond that, you won’t have to pay a thing – no sign up fees, and no monthly charges. You won’t have to give Premium.Chat your credit card information at all.

Allow Your Followers To Build Your Revenue Stream For You

The wonderful thing about Instagram is the way that communities bloom when people bond over the Instagram influencers they love. With a one-to-one Premium.Chat service, you will be able to create a steady flow of new and returning customers. This can, in time, lead to a steady and predictable income. Your handy widget will be easy to embed on your website, and share on your social media profiles. Your fans will easily be able to find you, recommend your service, and share it with their friends.

Try posting reminders about your Premium.Chat service, and creating a buzz about chatting to you directly. Engaging in conversations in the comments sections of your post is important too. Here you can encourage your followers to get excited about the chance to chat to you. Put some thought into potential conversation topics – such as things you could ask your followers, or what they might want to ask you – so that you can keep your Premuim.Chat clients entertained. This will make them want to keep coming back for more!

Stand Out, and Earn even more By Creating A Great Impression For Brands To See

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The top level Instagram influencers make money by working with a range of brands besides their very own. When you want to join their ranks, it is important to create a fantastic professional impression. Brands you reach out to will visit your page to see what you can offer. By showing that your followers are happy to pay for your Premium.Chat service, you can demonstrate that you have influence to leverage.

Consider making a Media Kit using a web tool like Canva to show off your potential to would-be collaborators. A Media Kit can be viewed as a stylish, modern resume for Instagram influencers. This can be really handy when it comes to convincing a brand that you are just the influencer for them to invest in!

Give an in-depth glimpse into who your followers are – where do they come from, how old are they, and what genders – alongside the size of your following and your engagement stats. Put together a package of how much you would charge for different services such as individual sponsored posts or product placement. Once you have a stream of Premium.Chat revenue coming in, you can add that to your Media Kit too!

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