Frequenty Asked Questions

What is Premium.Chat?

Premium.Chat is an innovative way to offer paid chat services. The Premium.Chat platform supports text, voice, and live video chat, but it’s much more than just a chat app: It also automatically handles billing, so it’s easy to charge your clients, fans, or followers either per-minute or flat-rate fees. Premium.Chat has fast become a highly popular way to acquire new customers online. One-to-one communication is the fastest way to build trust and long-term relationships. Getting someone to make the small initial commitment to use your Premium.Chat service could open the door to much more, and help you convert prospects into loyal fans or customers.

Why should I offer paid chat services?

People are just beginning to discover the many advantages of charging for chat. Paid chat is a powerful way to make money from your website or social media presence. It’s the best way to communicate one-on-one, in real time, with people who are willing to pay. Paid chat could empower you to monetize everything from professional consultancy to psychic readings; from online coaching to celebrity chat; from technical support to webcam modeling – and much, much more. Your time is valuable, and you may have an expertise, specialty, or skill that others would like to chat about. By offering paid chat services, you can cut out timewasters and turn casual browsers into loyal paying customers who value what you offer!

Who can use Premium.Chat?

Premium.Chat is available to any individual or company in the world wanting to offer live chat services for a fee.

What kind of paid chat services can I offer?

Premium.Chat is completely flexible. We've built it to suit many niches, industries, and markets. You can use it to offer any kind of paid chat service you wish. The list below includes some of the most popular options, but if you have an idea in mind that isn’t on the list, don’t worry! Anyone can use Premium.Chat, since we've designed it to work for any kind of paid chat service.

Adult Models
Adult Performers
Content Creators
Financial Advisors
Fitness Models
Life Coaches
Mental Health Practitioners
Psychics and Tarot Readers
Sports Models
Technical Support and Customer Support Specialists

Can I offer more than one chat topic?

Of course! You’re free to offer paid chat services covering a range of topics. You can even set different pricing for each topic based on your level of expertise, or the needs of your customers, fans, or followers. With Premium.Chat, you have complete control.

Do I need to download any special software, or an app?

No, you don’t need to download or install anything, and neither do your paid chat customers. Premium.Chat is an online solution that you can access using the web browser on any internet-connected mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Do you have an app?

Not yet, but we are working on an app. We are currently developing powerful Premium.Chat apps for both iOS and Android. Use of the app will be optional. If you prefer, you and your customers can access Premium.Chat using the web browser on any internet-connected mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Do I need a webcam?

No. You’ll need a webcam to offer video chat, but our flexible chat options mean you can offer text chat or voice chat if you’re more comfortable with that.

How is the billing for chat handled?

We handle all the credit and debit card billing for Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover. No approval process is needed to accept credit or debit cards. The result is a no-hassle payment process between you and your customers. You will be able to set your currency of choice on your widget (USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD, INR).

We've invented a system that's easy for everyone involved and designed to encourage repeat use. This maximizes your earnings and reduces wasted time. It also helps you build a loyal customer base who’ll want to keep using your paid chat services again and again. Now you can concentrate on providing great value to the people you chat with, while we take care of the billing and techy bits!

Can I set my own prices for chat?

Yes, you’re free to set your own prices. Our pricing table shows the minimum and maximum fees you can charge for each type of chat. If you want to charge a different amount to our standard billing rates, please contact us and tell us more about your business and why you would like to charge more.

You can set different prices for text chat, voice chat, and video chat, or for different chat topics. You can also choose to bill your customers on a per-minute or flat-rate basis:

Can I turn my availability on and off, or create a schedule?

Yes, and yes! You can turn your availability on and off manually or create an automated schedule. By creating a schedule, our system will automatically set your availability to online or offline at the times you’ve chosen for each day of the week. You can change your schedule anytime or log in to adjust availability with just a few clicks.

How will I know when someone wants to chat?

As soon as your customer clicks on your Premium.Chat profile or widget, they’ll be prompted to create an account. This process is very easy, and we’ll save their credit/debit card details so they can start future chats with you even faster.

Once they click ‘Begin Chat’, "Let's Talk Now" or "Start Video Chat" we’ll send you an SMS, WhatsApp, Web notification or Email notification with a special link to with the chat request so you can connect. Just follow the link, and you’ll see a pop-up notification showing the topic and price of the chat, and the name of the person's username requesting it. You’re completely free to accept or reject any chat request.

You can accept chat requests from any mobile device or computer. Your customer will be charged a per-minute or flat-rate fee, depending on how you’ve set your prices. You’ll both see a timer showing how long the chat session has lasted. We never give out your phone number or contact details, so customers will never contact you directly on your phone.

What happens if I miss a chat request?

You have 5 minutes to respond to each chat request. If you’re a little late responding, you can send a missed chat request back to your customer automatically, to let them know you’re now available.

Will you share my contact details with the people I chat with?

No, your personal details (including phone number, real name, email, SMS, and WhatsApp number) are kept 100% secure and confidential. All chats happen through our Premium.Chat platform, and we’ll never give your contact details to the people you chat with.

Is Premium.Chat secure?

Yes, we take security very seriously. All accounts are protected by two-factor authentication. This means you'll never have to remember passwords and will only be able to log in with an authentication code which is sent to your mobile phone number.

How much does it cost to set up and use Premium.Chat?

Setting up your account is absolutely FREE – with no upfront costs or monthly fees. Instead, we simply charge between 20% and 40% of the Chat Buyer fees that you charge your customers. The exact percentage will depend on the value of your monthly earnings from paid chat services. Full details are included in our Terms and Conditions, but, ultimately, the more you earn, the lower the percentage you’ll pay.

Our approach to fees means you can try our world-class system risk free, because we’ll only start charging you once you’re successfully earning money.

How and when will I get paid?

You can choose how you’d like to get paid: By Direct Deposit (US Banks only), PayPal, or Payoneer. The fastest way is generally PayPal which is recommended.

You’ll be paid on the 10th of each month for the Chat Buyer fees you earned the month before. For example, all Premium.Chat requests you complete from June 1st to June 30th will be paid on July 10th.

If the 10th of the month is on a weekend, payout is issued the next business day.

Go to payout method to setup your preferred way of receiving your earnings.

How are taxes handled?

If you are located in the United States and earn more than $600 in a tax year, we will send you a 1099 form at tax time. If you are located outside the US, we don't report your taxes.

How can I promote my paid chat services?

Always try to make it as easy as possible for people to discover and access your services. We recommend promoting your paid chat services on your website or social media accounts. (Or, better yet, both!)

For websites: We provide HTML code so you can place a chat widget on your website just by copying and pasting. It’s super simple and no coding or tech expertise is needed.

For social media: You can create a profile right here on Premium.Chat and include a link on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and other social media accounts.

Who owns and operates Premium.Chat - and why should I trust you?

The team behind Premium.Chat are veterans in the pay per call phone billing industry, with a reputation for honesty and integrity. We also operate, which has been serving individuals, small-to-medium-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies ever since 1997.

We understand that working with a reliable and trustworthy company is very important to you, and we take extra special care to ensure you’ll get the best possible service. That means prompt replies to your questions, with more than just generic answers.

Not only are we innovative developers, thinkers, and marketers, but we’re absolutely tuned in at all times to give you the best customer service. Customer relationships mean a lot to us, and we take a one-on-one, proactive, and long-term approach to everything we do. Our number-one aim is your complete satisfaction, and we never forget that our success depends on your success!

If you would like to ask questions or get some advice, just reach out and contact us!

How quickly can I get started with a new Premium.Chat account?

You can start using Premium.Chat immediately. It only takes a few minutes to get your account set up and creating your chat widget and/or profile is simple. Just sign up for our free service and create your account. If you need assistance, simply contact us… We’re here to make everything easy!

Can I set up multiple profiles for myself, or other people who work with/for me?

Yes, our Master Account option covers that too! First, set up your Premium.Chat account, then contact us and let us know what you are trying to do in order to request Master Account status. We’ll enable it for you at no extra cost on a case by case basis.

How do I activate my account?

First, create a widget in your Dashboard. Once you’re done, you have two options:

1. You can copy and paste the widget HTML code to your website. (Here’s how.)

2. Or, if you don’t have a website, you can add your Premium.Chat profile link to your social media account/s: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc. (We’re always adding new guides to the ‘how to’ section of our blog

Of course, you can always use a widget on your website AND links on your social media to really maximize your earning potential!

Do you have a referral / affiliate program so I can get paid to recommend Premium.Chat to others?

Yes – we have a unique and generous two-tier referral program. When you sign up as a seller on our platform, you’ll have access to invite links and banners that you can use to promote Premium.Chat to others. We also have a great tracking system that tells you how much money you’re making from referrals in real time. Learn more.

How do I become successful with Premium.Chat and get more paid chat requests?

To be successful on you should build up your following on social media, so that you can promote your Premium.Chat profile to your followers.  Having an expertise to focus on will give people more reasons to pay to chat with you. Having a website focusing on what you offer is also very helpful.

We’ve published 2 great guides on our blog to help you build your success:

Still have a question?

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