Frequenty Asked Questions

What is Premium.Chat?
Premium.Chat is an innovative billing service for text and live vide chat that helps you create an ongoing, and profitable revenue stream by giving you the ability to easily charge your clients, followers, and fans on a pay per minute, or flat rate basis. What good is an audience if you're not able to turn it into revenue? Well that's what we do. Not only is an additional revenue stream, but it builds stronger relationships, and is the most effective way to turn non-paying people into loyal paying customers. You'll immediately reap the rewards of having access to our super efficient process that makes billing simple, and creates more meaningful connections that are worth paying for. Setting up your account is absolutely free, with no upfront costs, or monthly fees which gives you all the upside! Are you excited yet? We bet you are, you should be! To learn more about How Premium.Chat works and all it's benefits watch the informative video on our homepage.

Who can offer Premium Chat?
Premium.Chat is available to any individual, or company in the world that wants to offer paid live chat services for a fee.  Stay tuned, we will be expanding to even more countries soon!

Why Should I offer Premium Chat, and How can benefit in addition to the extra money that I'll earn?
People are beginning to discover the many advantages that charging for chat offers. Premium Chat has become a powerful new revenue stream to add to websites, and social media as it offers a better way for you to communicate in real-time, in a much more personal way, with people who are willing to pay. Your time is valuable and you may have an expertise, specialty, or skill that others would like you to chat about. With our platform you will be building additional loyalty, while making more money at the same time! By offering Premium Chat you will turn people who are browsing, into paying customers who value what you offer! You'll spend less time tending to people who may waste your time, and more time with serious people who are paying. Premium.Chat has become a very effective way to acquire new customers online because one-one-communication is the fastest way at gaining trust, and building long-term relationships. Getting someones small initial commitment to use your Premium Chat offering/s is a great  way to open the door to much more, it will help you more easily convert prospects into loyal fans/customers.

What types of Premium Chat services can I charge for?
Premium.Chat is completely flexible. You can really use Premium.Chat for anything. We've built it to suite many niches, industries, and markets and we continue to fine tune it everyday. You can choose to chat on a variety of topics with different pricing based on your interests, expertise, or needs of your customers, fans or followers. This is completely customizable by you.

Here is a comprehensive list of services, and industries that are suitable for Premium Chat. If you're expertise, or industry is not on the list don't worry. Anyone can use Premium.Chat, we've designed it to appeal to a wide range of people.

Adult Models
Adult Performers
Content Creators
Financial Advisors
Fitness Models
Life Coaches
Mental Health Practitioners
Psychics and Tarot Readers
Sports Models
Technical Support and Customer Support Specialists

Do I need to download special software, or an app?
No, Premium.Chat was designed to work on every device to make it simple for all to use. We provide an easy to use platform that works well on any mobile phone, tablet, or computer, without the need to download or install an app. No live video stream is required (since our live chat service is text based), all you need is a mobile phone number, and a web browser so you can accept paid chat requests, and begin earning money for chat when you want, and with who you want. In the near future we will be offering an ios Apple app, and an Android app so stay tuned.

How is the billing for chat handled?
We handle all the credit and debit card billing for Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover so the payment process is simple between you, and your customers. No approval process is needed to accept credit or debit cards.  You can concentrate on providing great value to the people you chat with, while we do what we do best, Pay Per Minute billing for Chat. We've invented a system that's easy for you, and your customers to use, and that is designed for repeat use. This maximizes your revenue, and reduces wasted time. It also helps you build a loyal customer base who wants to keep using the Premium Chat service.

Can I set my own price for my Premium Chat?
Yes, we've made the platform very flexible so you can choose the price that best fits what you'd like to charge. You can either set your chat to bill your customers on a per minute basis, or a flat rate basis. If you select per minute your customers will only be charged for the amount of time that is used. For Text Chat: You can set the per minute rate from $1.00 per minute to up to $5.99 per minute, For Live Video Chat: You can set the per minute rate from $2.00 per minute to up to $8.99 per minute. If you choose flat rate billing, it can be up to $50.00 You will also set a maximum length of the chat so the people you are chatting with can get an idea of how long the chat may last. You can select extended chat in your widget settings as an option. When the chat reaches close to the max time, our system will automatically ask your customers if they would like to continue chatting, and the billing will begin again if they agree to continue.  This is a great way to maximize your revenue. If you are looking to charge a different amount then our standard billing rates, please contact us.

How do I set my availability or schedule?
You have complete control to turn your availability on, or off, or even follow a preset schedule. By preseting your schedule the system automatically sets your availability to online or offline based on your hours for each day of the week. You can change your schedule, or login to adjust availability with a few clicks of your mouse.

How do I know when I have an incoming Premium Chat request?
As soon as your customer clicks on your Premium.Chat profile, or widget they will be prompted to create an account. The process is super efficient, and they input their credit/debit card which is stored for future chats with you.

Once they click on "Begin Chat" you will receive an SMS, or WhatsApp notifications and email from Premium.Chat only (your personal information is never given out to the people you chat with). You have 5 minutes to respond to. You will receive a link that asks you to accept the Premium Chat request and you will click on yes, or no. You will also receive a pop-up notification (show the topic and price of your chat along with the person who is requesting to chat with you) on your desktop/laptop along with an audio notification that alerts you to accept the chat request. As long as you are signed in on your computer you will hear this from your audio. You can accept the chat from any mobile device, or computer. Your customer will begin being charged as soon as they begin typing, and the clock will give you both a timer based on how long the chat is going on for.

What happens if I miss a Premium Chat request?
Don't worry, we've built a ton of bells and whistles into the service that you will always benefit from. You have 5 minutes to respond to a chat request. All chat requests are sent to your cell phone number via text message, and email. If you should miss a chat request you can send a chat request back to your customer automatically when you're ready to chat letting them know you are now available! Now that's innovation!

Does Premium Chat safeguard my account details?
Your personal details, including phone number, email, sms, and whatsapp number are kept 100% secure and confidential and never given out to the people you chat with.  Furthermore, we take security very seriously, all accounts are protected by two factor authentication so you'll never have to remember passwords, and only you will be able to login with your authentication code which is sent to your cell phone number.

What is the cost of setting up a Premium.Chat account?
It's free! There is NO setup cost, or monthly fees associated with your Premium.Chat account. You're getting access to our world-class system designed to maximize your revenue, which we continue to invest in, and innovate with.

How much money do I earn by offering Premium Chat?
For access to our Premium.Chat billing platform technology, we charge a percentage of the Chat Buyer fees that you charge which is on a sliding scale from 20%-40%, depending on the amount of revenue that is generated each month by your premium chat service. See our Terms and Conditions for more details. The more Premium Chat revenue that we help you produce, the less we charge, and the more you make.

How and When do I get paid?
You can choose how you’d like to get paid: by Direct Deposit (US Banks only), PayPal , or Payoneer. You are paid on the 10th of the month for your previous months Chat Buyer fees earned. For example, all Premium Chat requests you complete from June 1st to June 30th is paid on July 10th.

How are taxes handled?
If you are located in the United States we will send you a 1099 at tax time assuming you earned more than $600 for the year. If you are located outside the US we don't report your taxes.

How can I promote Premium.Chat?
It’s easy - we provide html code for your Chat widgets so you can  place on your website by simply copying and pasting. No coding or tech expertise is needed. You can also promote your Premium.Chat profile link url on your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. We recommend placing your widget code on your website if you have one, and your Premium.Chat profile link on as many of your social media accounts as possible, so that people can easily find your Premium Chat offering to pay, and connect with you by chat.

Who owns, and operates Premium.Chat, and why should I trust you?
We realize working with a reliable, and trustworthy company is very important to you, and we take extra special care to make sure that you are getting the best possible service you can count on. That means prompt replies, and more than just generic answered emails. We treat people like humans not robots. You'll feel confident to know that the founding team of Premium.Chat are veterans in the Pay Per Call phone billing industry since 1997, with a reputation for honesty, and integrity has been serving individuals, small and medium sized businesses and fortune 500 companies for many years. Not only are we innovative developers, thinkers, and marketers but we are absolutely tuned in at all times to give you the best customer service experience. Your relationship means alot to us. We take a one-on-one, proactive, and long term approach to everything we do which gets passed on to you. Our guage of success is you being completely satisfied. We believe the perfect solution is one which is a win, win for all parties involved. If you would like to reach out to us, ask questions, or just need advice please do!

How quickly can I get started with a Premium.Chat new account?
You can start offering Premium Chat immediately. It only takes a few minutes to get your account started. Creating your chat widget, and profile is simple. Just sign up for our free service and create your account. If you need assistance, simply contact us. We’re here to make everything easy.

Can I setup an account that has multiple profiles for myself, or other people who work with, or for me?
Yes we have that covered too! That's called a Premium.Chat Master Account. First setup your Premium.Chat account, then contact us to let us know you would like Master account status, and we will enable it for you at no cost on your account. This is being done on a case by case basis.

How do I activate my account?
First create a widget in your Dashboard. Once you have a widget created, you have two options. 1. You can copy and paste the widget html code to your website. Instructions here.  OR You can add your Premium.Chat profile link to your social media account/s: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Instructions here.

How do I become successful with Premium.Chat, and get more Premium Chat requests?
See this helpful guide for more information. Also, Promote Like a Pro: Tips and Techniques.

Other questions?
We’re Here to Help! Send an email to: [email protected] or fill out our contact form to get it touch.