How to Setup an Online Psychic Chat Room and Efficiently Get Paid for Your Psychic Reading Business

Since the dawn of civilization, it has been hugely popular to gain clarity, insight, or find resolution in challenging times by consulting with a Psychic. Text, Calls & Video based chat is quickly becoming the go-to communication choice for many, and so the evolution from visiting a psychic in person or calling them on the phone using a Psychic line, to online Psychic chat was certainly inevitable! Psychics are flooding to the Premium.Chat platform for a simple and easy way to positively serve their customers.

Why Premium.Chat is by far the best platform to use to Start a Psychic and Tarot Reading Business


Premium.Chat will efficiently turn both your website visitors, and social followers from browsers into serious buyers who want your Psychic Reading services now and day after day. Not only is this the best way to bring in new customers but it is a powerful way to retain, and earn more each day from those who are loyal and return. All you need to do is provide great service and our platform will do all the heavy lifting for you. We’ve made the process so easy for you, and your customers – and that is why it is so effective. No more messy PayPal and credit card payments, and people who try to get your services for free. You’ll earn more more money with this approach then scheduling services which turn off your customers. This is the best way to build your psychic business. In fact, you can even expand with a Premium.Chat master account and have other readers working for you: Your very own online psychic business! Contact us for a free upgrade once you signup for your account. You will be up and running and minutes and ready to take advantage of all that additional revenue. Don’t you wish you would have found us sooner? That’s what many of other Premium.Chat clients tell us every day.

Discover The Easiest Way To Offer One-On-One Psychic Chat and Instantly Gain a Competitive Advantage that makes you more money

Seamless Communication and Billing Features is the best software to launch a psychic business due to its seamless communication and billing features. With an intuitive user interface, allows psychics to effortlessly connect with clients through text, voice, or video chat. This flexibility ensures that clients can choose the communication method they feel most comfortable with. Furthermore, the platform’s integrated billing system simplifies the payment process, enabling psychics to charge clients per minute or per session. These features not only enhance the customer experience but also help to manage revenue effectively:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multiple communication options (text, voice, video)
  • Integrated billing system
  • Flexible payment options (per minute or flat rate)

Robust Marketing and Privacy Tools

Another reason why is the ideal choice for a psychic business is its robust marketing and privacy tools. The platform allows psychics to create customizable chat widgets that can be easily embedded on their websites or shared on social media. This not only helps to increase visibility but also attracts potential clients. Additionally, places a strong emphasis on privacy, ensuring that all chat sessions are encrypted and confidential. The platform also provides an optional feature to allow clients to remain anonymous during sessions, further solidifying the trust between psychic and client. These tools work together to create a professional and secure environment for conducting psychic readings:

  • Customizable chat widgets
  • Easy integration with websites and social media
  • Encrypted chat sessions
  • Optional client anonymity

Unlimited Potential and Repeat Clientele is an exceptional platform for unlocking unlimited potential and nurturing repeat customers in a psychic business. By offering a reliable, user-friendly, and secure environment for psychic readings, cultivates trust and satisfaction among clients, encouraging them to return for future sessions. The platform also supports psychics in scaling their businesses by providing tools to manage an ever-growing client base, including stats, analytics, and an oganized chat history that provides great transparency. Furthermore, allows psychics to create promotional campaigns (to incentive first time customers with credits to start a chat), loyalty programs (for repeat customer credits), or even offer exclusive content to keep clients engaged and interested. With, psychics can continuously expand their reach and foster lasting relationships with clients:

  • Trust and satisfaction-driven environment
  • Tools for managing a growing client base
  • Organized chat history and analytics
  • Promotional campaigns and loyalty programs
  • Exclusive content offerings
  1. Add Premium.Chat Widgets to your website
psychic chat website
Add a widget to your website and start earning

2. Add your Premium.Chat Profile link to your social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube account profiles

instagram psychic profile
Add your Premium.Chat profile link to your Social Media accounts for quick access to clients who want to pay you for your services and begin a paid chat
premium chat psychic profile

Frustratingly, offering your Psychic services by traditional direct message can mean a lot of time wasted. The endless to-and-fro of inquiries, agreements, and chasing payments can eat into your schedule without earning you a thing. Keeping track of your accounting can be a headache. With a skill that is in high demand, your time is far too valuable to waste in these ways!

Premium.Chat can handle all payments on your behalf, and you’ll receive your earnings in one easy transfer each month. This on-demand service attracts serious customers who want to use your Psychic chat service right away. Because your chat begins only when they commit their payment method, you can be sure that your revenue is secure. Clients know that you are accessible when they click to chat, so you can capture engaged and enthusiastic buyers far more easily.

Build A Live Psychic Chat Room On Your Terms with ease

Premium.Chat is an entirely web based pay per minute chat platform, so you and your customers don’t need to install any software or app.

psychic chat room

The service is ready for action on any browser or device. You will receive an SMS or email each time a client initiates a Psychic chat. After accepting a chat request your user-friendly one-on-one chat room will give a fantastic impression that is sure to impress.

Once you have created your account, you can enter in the details of the chat topics you’d like offer. You will have absolute freedom to choose how much you charge. Either a by-the-minute fee may suit your service, or perhaps a fixed fee for each consultation. You can turn your availability on or off, or create a schedule. Sculpt your own timetable so that your customers can connect whenever it suits you!

Offer Psychic Chat Wherever You Are Online

It is easy to build a customised widget for your Premium.Chat service. You can match the colour scheme of your website and social media pages, for a memorable online presence. Embed the widget on your website, and share your Premium.Chat link on every platform where your followers might find it. In this way, you can easily reach a large audience, and begin building your empire!

psychic chat widget
Customizing your Psychic Chat Widget is easy. widgets
Premium.Chat Dashboard

Creating revenue becomes much easier when getting a response from you is assured for your clients. Your Psychic chat service will be instantly accessible, and the impulse to reach out to you will be much more convenient to follow.

Premium.Chat allows your customers to save their payment information, which will be really handy when they return again and again! Because the payment process within Premium Chat is so simple it makes it super convenient for your customers and very profitable for you.

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Build An Online Community To Promote Your Psychic Chat Service

The impression that you give online will have a big influence on how many people pay to consult with you. Creating an online style that is just as professional and authentic as you are is sure to grab attention! Be consistent on your website, and all of your social media platforms. In this way, your followers will instantly recognize whatever you share.

Engage your online community by responding to comments – discussions about what you offer is a great way of raising awareness. The more people imagine how you might be able to enrich their lives, the more likely they are to commit to your Psychic chat service.

Create a Psychic Chat Network with many psychics or simply work for yourself

psychic chat profiles

With our billing platform we’ve made it very easy for your customers to chat with a psychic, and you can even expand beyond your independent Psychic chat service. You can add other psychic professionals to give your customers even more options for online psychic readings. This would be a great opportunity to build your Psychic brand around our chat billing technology so you can make even more money from chat. Our system works perfectly if you want to work by yourself, or even add others to work for you as your service grows. We can provide you with special Master Account status, just get in touch with us and tell us more about yourself & Psychic website, and you’ll likely qualify for the upgrade. We work with existing psychics, and those who are just getting online.

With No Set-Up Fees, Your Own Psychic Chat Offers Peace Of Mind

You might be nervous about the thought of beginning a new approach – especially if costs are involved. Let your mind be at ease with Premium.Chat, as there are no setup fees at all. You won’t have to pay to sign up, or commit to a monthly fee. In fact, you won’t have to enter in your credit card details at all!

Chasing payments or time-consuming accounting are unnecessary when Premium.Chat takes care of all of this for you. Focus on enjoying the depth and value of each customer interaction. Relax, and trust that everything else is taken care of.

Join Premium.Chat today and follow us and the Psychic community on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Discover other professional Psychics who are already embracing chatting as a great way to share their gift with the world!

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Setup your Free Premium.Chat account today, and start profiting from paid chat!

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