Keen Reviews: Will This Psychic Chat Platform Help You Manifest Your Destiny As An Online Reader?

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A thorough review of the platform

Are you a skilled psychic exploring how to leverage your gifts into a money making opportunity? Within today’s online marketplace, there are so many different options to explore that knowing which way to turn can leave even the most intuitive among us uncertain! To bring a little clarity to the clairvoyant, or measure for the metaphysically attuned, here we will explore the pros and cons of popular psychic chat site Keen. Discover if this psychic chat platform is meant to be in your destiny, so that you can connect with others, and help them find theirs!

What Does Keen Provide For Psychics?

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Keen is a popular online destination for those seeking a psychic reading, and it’s not hard to see why. The website is polished and appealing, with great presentation throughout. The company has been going since 1999, and with more than 20 years under their belt, they have certainly mastered a visual style that is perfect for the psychic genre. Buyers on the site can navigate thousands of psychic professionals, searching by specialty and sorting by price and keen reviews from customers. For sellers – the psychics themselves – the platform allows the creation of a psychic profile, and the offering of either phone chat, text-based chat, or email consultations. Sellers can set their own prices, and turn their availability on and off.

How Much Does It Cost To Be An Advisor On Keen?

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Now here’s a question that may require a psychic! After trawling the website for some time, we found it difficult to dial down the exact costs that psychics on the platform are expected to pay to Keen. Until you sign up, the full spectrum of Advisor support information is off limits, and the publicly visible Making Money page is likely to confuse more than elucidate!

What is clear when the dots are joined – those that we could discover, at least – is that psychics using Keen must pay an upfront fee of 250$ to get started, then a per minute platform fee, and the unusually high percentage fee of 48%. Exactly how platform fees are calculated, we could not deduce, although the example given on the aforementioned page describes a $.40 per minute platform fee. All in all, Keen appears to be at the higher end of paid chat platforms in terms of seller costs.

How Do Psychics Get Started On Keen?

Some paid chat platforms have a vetting process, and some don’t. Both can be appropriate under the right circumstances. On a huge psychic chat site like this one, vetting can be helpful in elevating the standing of the site as a whole. This makes the absence of a vetting process on Keen a little unusual. Rather than making any assessment of the credentials of sellers, Keen reviews are relied upon to measure the mettle of the site’s Advisors. This may be a factor in the substantial presence of less-than-happy Keen reviews on Sitejabber and the Better Advice Bureau.

So, no vetting process is called for, but a sign-up fee is to be expected on Keen. Once you’ve made your financial commitment, you can set up your profile, and begin offering your psychic services immediately.

Does Keen Generate A Reliable Income?

Although Keen does secure payment information before your calls begin, new customers are entitles to three minutes of your time for free. This may irk some, who find themselves loosing time to curious individuals who are not serious about paying for a psychic consultation! In terms of seller security, we did note that one of the most common complaints, from sellers who gave Keen reviews on trust assessment websites, is that Advisor accounts were closed with no explanation, and no identified violation of Keen’s service terms. Of course, we can only take such reviews at face value, without knowing what went on behind the scenes.

Why Another Platform Like Premium.Chat May Be A Better Option plaform example

While the psychic phone chat model allowed many professional readers to take their services national, or even global, over the past decades, modern communication trends tell us that text-based chat and video are fast becoming preferable for consumers. Keen’s decision to add text-based chat to their portfolio indicates that they are at least in-part moving with the times, however is it enough? Gifted readers may find that offering video consultations via a platform like Premium.Chat allows them to attract a greater diversity of clients. All the while, charging a fee that reflects the more personal nature of face-to-face chat!

Premium.Chat provides a more purse-friendly option for psychics first entering the online chat arena. Users can enjoy the absence of any form of sign-up cost or monthly fee, aongside the transparency of a consistent and simple percentage fee from revenue. Premium.Chat charge for their hosting services on a sliding scale from 20%-40%, depending on the amount of revenue that you generate each month. There are no hidden charges or surprise bills – simple! In fact, Premium.Chat handle every detail of payments on your behalf – without any customer freebies so your time is always rewarded – and pay your revenue to you each and every month. Expect clear and easy to understand reports, and a payment made to you via Direct Deposit or PayPal, with fees already deducted.

Great Features, And A Referral Program That Just Keeps Giving!

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Premium.Chat attracts online professionals from all sorts of sectors – health professionals, online coaches, influencers, tutors, and many more – all creating their own online revenue stream. Each seller on the platform can enjoy an entirely web-based platform, meaning neither they, nor their clients, need to download or install anything. Plus, Premium.Chat can be used from any device, at home or on the go! As a psychic using Premium.Chat you can create your own profile, acting as an exclusive landing page for your clients. You can also build a widget in just a few minutes, allowing clients to initiate chat on your very own website!

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Premium.Chat’s scheduling tool mean that you can make when you appear online switch on and off automatically, or you can change your online status manually, as life demands it! You can also charge clients by the minute, at a rate of your choosing, or set a fixed price per chat session – offering as many different chat genres and formats as you like. Beyond this money-making potential, no chat platform would be complete without some kind of affiliate scheme. While Keen offers a standard affiliate program, Premium.Chat goes above and beyond with a two-tier referral program. This means that when you introduce new sellers to the platform, and they introduce new sellers, you can benefit from a trickling source of passive income. We view this as a gesture of trust and a measure of the quality we provide – when we do our job right, we can all grow together!

If Keen reviews give you pause for thought, perhaps consider the risk free option of getting started on Premium.Chat. While a big psychic-chat-only platform might suit some, Keen represents a sizeable investment for industry newcomers. Keeping control of your gift and it’s marketing, without making a huge commitment out of pocjet, may simply feel like a more organic option. If so, get started with Premium.Chat today!

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