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Do you aspire to establishing yourself as a professional online psychic? As a talented reader, taking your ability online makes perfect sense! More and more people in need of insight and guidance are turning to online advisors these days. However, choosing the right platform for your service, and navigating the many potential pitfalls within the industry can be a challenge. With this in mind, today we will be examining the psychic chat platform BitWine – exploring it’s features from the perspective of a seller, so that you can make an informed decision from the get-go!

What Is BitWine And How Does It Work?

BitWine is an online paid chat platform for psychic consultations that was established in 2006. Today, the site boasts more than 3,000 psychic professionals, making it a popular destination for those in search of a psychic reading. Psychic advisors can sign up, create a profile, and begin offering their services via text-based chat in return for a percentage fee for use of the platform. BitWine was created for sellers using a Microsoft desktop computer, with no Apple, tablet, or smartphone capability as standard, although their forum does describe workarounds for Apple computers. For customers wishing to buy a psychic consultation, any device can be used.

How Are You Paid For Your Time On BitWine?

One of the most controversial elements of the BitWine platform is that new customers are always entitled to a free three minute consultation with the psychic of their choice. This makes guaranteeing a financial reward for your time investment somewhat unpredictable! The platform requires that each chat session is initiated prior to payment, and that buyers confirm their willingness to pay after initial contact. The website describes this format as for allowing customers to decide if a reader is the right fit for them, although BitWine reviews suggest that many psychics experience frustration when contacted by those who don’t have a serious intention of paying for their psychic consultation.

BitWine facilitates client to seller payments through PayPal, which means that psychics on the platform can enjoy immediate payment after each successful sale. It is worth noting however, that BitWine’s fee is not collected during the transaction, but billed at the end of the month. This makes it necessary for sellers to keep track of their PayPal account, and make sure that sufficient funds remain available for their BitWine commission! BitWine charge a standard fee of 40% for psychics consulting on the platform. This drops to 33% for the website’s top level talent.

Who Can Use BitWine?

BitWine vets each psychic on the platform, making getting started a little challenging for those entering the industry for the first time. Sellers must provide their age and ID, links to their professional profiles on social media and website if they have one, plus a description of their background as a professional psychic. A PayPal business account is also a must, as no other payment options are available. After application, BitWine assess each candidate on a case by case basis, so the more information you can provide, the better!

How Convenient Is Bitwine For You?

To get started on BitWine as an advisor, you will need to install the BitWine Taskbar on your computer. The necessity for a desktop or laptop computer means that as a professional psychic on the BitWine platform, you will be tied to your desk when you want to work. For some, this may be ideal, while for others this may pose a real incompatibility with other life commitments!

When it comes to being a part of such a large platforms, a number of advantages and disadvantages present themselves. On the one hand, an organic flow of site visitors is guaranteed. On the other hand, BitWine’s free consultations and regular 50%-off promotions can leave you with less control of your revenue. While newcomer consultations are not optional for sellers on the platform, participation in promotions is left entirely up to sellers. This makes it necessary to choose between accepting a lower chat rate at regular intervals, or competing with other psychics who choose to participate in the scheme.

The BitWine Reviews System

Reviews on the BitWine website allow psychics to build a reputation, and enhance their appeal to would-be clients browsing for the right reader. This can work in your favor, or leave you exposed to unwarranted opinions. BitWine reviews on Sitejabber – of the platform itself – suggest that some psychics feel exposed to negative reviews from those in search of a freebie, although advisors can always respond publicly to any detrimental feedback. An often criticized feature of the site is customer service for sellers, with professionals on the platform calling for greater support in dispute resolution – especially when refunds are issued. The personal nature of psychic reading of course means that client and reader chemistry can never be guaranteed, but professionals on the platform should be alert to the impact of each customer experience on their overall rating!

Seeking BitWine Reviews And Performing Your Own Research

Within any online profession, making the right impression is vital. Putting your virtual career in the hands of an online platform represents a decision that may have a lingering impact! This makes researching your future collaborator all-important. In the case of BitWine reviews, Sitejabber offers the highest number of independent user reviews of any trust review websites that we could find, and at time of writing gives the psychic chat site a rating of 2 out of 5 stars. Of course, such reviews are the opinion of the poster alone, and the authenticity of each reviewer cannot be verified. Within today’s world of online reviews, it is down to you to assess all of the information at your disposal, and make the decision that feels instinctively correct. If BitWine doesn’t seem like the right fit, you are likely wondering: what other options are out there?

Launching Your Professional Psychic Career With Premium.Chat Psychic Example

A growing number of online psychics are gravitating away from exclusive psychic chat sites, and instead choosing a platform that attracts a wide range of virtual professionals, from psychics to life coaches, business consultants to influencers, and more! With Premium.Chat, psychics like you can create your own offering on the Premium.Chat website, and even embed a chat widget into your very own website if you want to.

Know Where You Stand With A Premium.Chat Account 
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With Premium.Chat, professional psychics know that every caller is genuine because payment is always secured before a chat session begins. In fact, Premium.Chat handle every element of payment on your behalf, so you don’t need to hassle customers to commit to your fee. Rather than making payments to you piecemeal, Premium.Chat transfer your earnings to you in one reliable monthly payment, with platform fees already deducted. You can view your progress via comprehensive reports and analytics, and won’t ever have to worry about keeping track of you accounts, or holding money back for surprise bills. What you receive to your bank account is all yours, and well earned!

With Premium.Chat, creating your reputation is down to you – you won’t be left at the mercy of reviews, or jostling among the competition. If you can build an online following using the social media and marketing tools of your choice, your paid psychic chat service can be straightforward, user friendly, and without distractions.

Greater Flexibility With Premium.Chat

premium chat text and video calls

With Premium.Chat, every detail has been designed with your convenience in mind. The chat service is entirely web based, which means you can make money on the go, from any device. There’s no need to stay at home or carry a computer with you, when a smartphone or tablet will do the job perfectly! You will have the flexibility to offer not only text-based chat, but video chat too, if you prefer a face-to-face consultation style. You will also have the autonomy to set up an automatic schedule that dictates when you appear online if you want to. Of course, you can toggle your online status on and off, whenever you desire!

If you are a psychic just starting out, Premium.Chat is the perfect platform because you won’t have to prove your past record – that is for you to build from here on in! Set the fees you choose, including deciding whether to charge by the minute, or a flat rate for certain consultations. Fundamentally, with Premium.Chat, you can create a psychic consultation offering that is truly yours, and steer the course of your online career as feels natural. This makes Premium.Chat a fantastic option for any psychic wanting to steer clear of the crowd. Still undecided? Check out how easy it is to create your own Premium.Chat widget, or sign up for free today, and try the platform out for size!

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