The Linktree Review: Should You Add to Your Monetization Gameplan?

Linktree review

If you’re here, checking out the Premium.Chat blog, the chances are you’re already pretty savvy about finding great ways to further monetize your personal brand. As you know, these days, connection is everything. That’s exactly why it’s worth asking if Linktree could be a useful tool to add to your social media marketing toolkit!

We understand how vital it is for content creators, online coaches, influencers, and countless other digital professionals alike to pinpoint all the right audience-reaching resources. That’s why we’re here to serve up an easily-digestible Linktree review, helping you identify if this link-sharing and monetization website represents a nifty opportunity for you to launch your online business toward the stars.

Table of Contents:

1. What is Linktree?
2. Linktree Features: The Basics
3. Is Linktree Free?
4. How Much Can I Customize Linktree?
5. Is Linktree a Safe Space For Adult Content Creators?
6. How Do Creators Get Paid By Linktree?
7. Is Linktree Safe and Legit?
8. Linktree Reviews
9. Can I Add Premium.Chat To My Linktree?
10. Conclusion


Today, is a familiar presence for many social media surfers. With over 35 million users worldwide, the platform has certainly earned some super-sized popularity. But, is it really helping all of those users to increase their incomes, is it more of a novelty, or might it actually be a barrier to the big bucks?

To answer these questions and more, join us as we take a tour of how Linktree works, how much it costs to use, what it has to offer, and what is ultimately being said in authentic Linktree reviews.

Of course, you’re probably also wondering if you’re going to be able to add Premium.Chat to your Linktree. Stay with us until the end of this review to learn more about whether there’s a one-two punch to be found right here, waiting to be unleashed!

What is Linktree?

Linktree began as the brain-child of brothers and digital agency owners Alex and Anthony Zaccaria, plus their business partner Nick Humphreys. Back in 2016, they created the platform as a means to solve common pain points experienced by their clients. Namely, the tedium of updating multiple online bios at once, and the irritating link option limitations so often seen on social media platforms.

In essence, when this clever trio of Australian entrepreneurs created Linktree, they realized a platform that allows its users to create and curate a single landing page on the site where all of their personal or professional website links, affiliate links, social links, and more can be found. Yes, Linktree took the idea driving the term “link in bio” and truly ran with it!

Linktree Features: The Basics

At the core of the Linktree offering is the ability to create a series of links that can be accessed from a customized landing page. This could include links to your website, e-commerce store, social media platforms, and much more. However, over the years, Linktree has added even more features, ranging from analytics to integrations.

At time of writing, Linktree features include the ability to add direct payment and tip jar functions to your page, integrate Shopify and Spring products displayed via a carousel, use UTM links, integrate MailChimp for email subscriptions, and include affiliate links from supported platforms such as Apple or Amazon.

Is Linktree Free?

As great as all of those features sound, you’re probably wondering how much you’d have to pay to access them. And rightly so, because these various capabilities are not all available to everyone. Linktree has tiered payment plans that include the following options:

  • A Free Plan
  • A Starter Plan at $5 monthly or $3/month if paid annually
  • A Pro Plan at $9 monthly or $6/month if paid annually
  • A Premium Plan at $24 monthly or $19/month if paid annually

Depending on the features that you need for your business, a free plan might give you all you could dream of, or you might be stuck looking at whether to make a new addition to your monthly costs list. However, it’s worth noting that the different plans offer different transaction fees, with users of the Free Plan paying a hefty 10% fee, while at the other end of the spectrum, Premium Plan users pay only 0.05%

There’s more to consider, too, because the higher-tier plans offer better analytics with the option to integrate tools like Google Analytics. Those paying more can also leverage resources like Zapier, Google Sheets, and Calendly, and will be able to expect faster and more efficient Linktree customer support. Impressively, Premium Plan users are assigned their own Customer Success Manager and can expect to receive an onboarding call.

How Much Can I Customize Linktree?

Another aspect of using Linktree that is impacted by whether you choose the Free Plan or a paid plan is the extent to which you can customize your Linktree landing page. Those using the unpaid version can tweak the color scheme of their page but not much else.

You have to jump up to the Starter Plan to be able to set a background image or change button and font styles. If you want to be able to ditch the Linktree logo on your landing page, you need to go a step further and opt for the Pro Plan or higher.

Does Linktree Welcome Adult Content Creators?

Among the fantastically diverse range of online professionals we serve here within the Premium.Chat community, we know that there are plenty of adult content creators who have come up against frustrating barriers when trying to build their personal brands with other platforms. The question is, can Linktree offer them a friendly space or is it not worth the hassle?

Concerns were raised in 2022 after Vice reported that Linktree kicked a lot of adult content creators off the platform without warning. However, Marlene Bonnelly, Head of Trust & Safety at Linktree, told Motherboard that “Per our company’s policies, the Linktree accounts banned stemmed from sharing a URL which violated Community Standards by sharing advertisements for the sale of real-life sexual services.”

So, what do those Community Standards say? Well, they specify that you can “create links to adult content as long as it is legal in your region, doesn’t advertise full service sex work, and is marked as sensitive.” The policy also goes on to say that all forms of adult content, including images and videos, cannot be embedded on a user page within the Linktree platform. As you can see, those it matters most to can expect a lukewarm reception at best.

How Do Creators Get Paid By Linktree?

Perhaps surprisingly, despite all of the latest integrations, Linktree doesn’t handle payments itself but rather acts as an intermediary. This means that you won’t ever have a balance to withdraw directly from Linktree or a payout schedule to wait for.

Instead, if a fan or client leaves you a tip, makes a payment, or puts down a deposit on a future service, their payment will come to you directly through the integrated payment handling tool you have selected, minus Linktree’s transaction fees. This system also covers any payments made toward the shiny new Payment Lock feature which allows users to place content behind a paywall.

So, what payment options do you have at your fingertips? Linktree grants users access to PayPal, Venmo, and Square, making it easy for page owners to accept payments from a wide range of different countries and facilitate convenient credit card transactions.

Is Linktree Safe and Legit?

Without a doubt, you’re going to want to feel confident that a digital resource like Linktree is safe before funneling loyal followers and customers toward it. The good news is that Linktree has been around for a long time, giving us a clear sense of its strengths and weaknesses.

For example, last year, researchers from Avanan uncovered that Linktree was being used by some nefarious types to distribute phishing links. However, the platform quickly paired up with the cybersecurity-focused company to lock down its vulnerabilities and shut down pages with offending links. The company continues to take its security game seriously, using SSL encryption, self-monitoring user links, and inviting user reports of suspicious activity.

Despite these improvements, Linktree still sometimes gets flagged by other platforms as spam, causing functionality issues for those using its links on sites like Instagram and TikTok. It’s also worth noting that due to an Elon Musk-era policy update, you can no longer post a Linktree link on Twitter, but can keep your Twitter social link on your Linktree landing page.

Linktree Reviews

We’re sure you’ll agree, it would be impossible for us to complete a comprehensive Linktree review without wading through the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Linktree reviews left by others! As ever, now is the moment in which we turn to Trustpilot and get the low-down on what Linktree’s users really think about the platform.

A quick peek tells us that Linktree’s reputation is pretty solid, with an Excellent rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Impressively, for now at least, around 80% of reviewers gave a 5-star review, although not everyone had something positive to say. Here are some excerpts from the reviews that stood out to us the most:

Reviewer Shna Jai shared: “Very easy to use and set up. The free plan offers everything u need to get started, and as you grow your business you can upgrade to a pro plan which lets your track each link. Adding the links was pretty easy but it works better when if you add them from a computer vs your phone.”

Reviewer Curtis Burrows shared: “The support team down at Linktree have always shown kindness and helpfulness towards me. When fixing an issue that I had regarding the profile and features. They’re also a very cheerful team with their responses. If you’re looking for a way to have all your social links in one place, highly recommend Linktree.”

Reviewer Janine shared: “I’ve only been signed up a week and I absolutely love it already! Can keep all my socials and website all in one link. It’s perfect for small businesses. Spoke to the team a couple of times through email and they replied super fast with a friendly attitude.”

Reviewer Influencer Updates AU shared: “When people pay me through LinkTree, I used to get a confirmation email from LinkTree. This stopped after about 100 payments. I’ve spoken to multiple people at LinkTree via email, and nobody can grasp what I’m complaining about let alone fix it. The concept of LinkTree tip jar is excellent and it’s free (just has a PayPal fee) which is unbelievable.”

Reviewer Benny Rubin shared: “I lost my Linktree because it said a link didn’t follow guidelines, I had the same links for months and it was no problem, I asked what link was the problem and no response just lost my account. I have a following of over 40,000 generating a lot of clicks, super disappointed.”

Reviewer China Spann shared: “My clients have a hard time registering and booking through link tree which frustrates my clients and turns them away. almost every client experience the same thing . Not easy to navigate or sign up if able to.”

Can I Add Premium.Chat To My Linktree?

If you’re already a Premium.Chat user, you’re sure to want to know if you can add Premium.Chat to your Linktree. Happily, if you decide that Linktree is a great fit for your brand-building strategy, you absolutely can!

However, if you’re on the fence about Linktree, keep in mind that your Premium.Chat landing page can also be used as your go-to bio link of choice. It also helps to know that Instagram has recently increased the number of links that users can showcase to five, reducing the need for Linktree among many online professionals who like to call this social media platform home.

Of course, if you aren’t already using Premium.Chat then you should definitely check it out. Offering you the opportunity to charge your fans, followers, clients, or customers to text, call, or video chat, we make monetizing your brand easy! Whether you’re an online coach, a consultant, an Influencer, a performer, or an adult content creator, our versatile, easy-to-embed, and free-to-use platform will help you maximize and monetize your time.


Linktree is a substantial and popular platform used by professionals around the globe to boost their digital marketing efforts and further monetize their brands. With a raft of neat features and integrations, Linktree surely offers great potential for the right users. However, the costs of accessing the best integrations and analytics may put some users off, as might the restrictions on adult content.

If you’d like to explore a tool that you can use to monetize your audience without any up-front investment, we’d love to welcome you to the Premium.Chat family. Whether you choose to stay or are just visiting, be sure to dip into our blog for more monetization tips and reviews, and learn more about what we do. Or, if you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, sign up an get started today!

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