AllMyLinks Review: Get the Lowdown on This Link in Bio Sharing Platform

If you have been scratching your head over how to get all of your epic money-making links in front of the right eyes, you may be considering using a link-sharing platform like AllMyLinks. This simple bio and link-sharing platform is a no-fuss, no-muss resource that is designed to allow online entrepreneurs and content writers to do just that. But, is it a good fit for you and your audience?

Today, we’re turning the Premium.Chat microscope towards AllMyLinks so that we can give you all the details on how this platform works, its advantages, and its disadvantages. We’ll also be heading out into the virtual jungle in search of legitimate AllMyLinks reviews so that you can get a sense of how other users feel about the website. Read on if you’re ready to learn more!

Table of Contents:

1. What is AllMyLinks?
2. AllMyLinks Features: The Basics
3. Is AllMyLinks Free?
4. How Much Can I Customize AllMyLinks?
5. Is AllMyLinks a Safe Space For Adult Content Creators?
6. How Do Creators Get Paid By AllMyLinks?
7. Is AllMyLinks Safe and Legit?
8. Linktree Reviews
9. Can I Add Premium.Chat To My AllMyLinks?
10. Conclusion


Here at Premium.Chat, we are proud to host the paid chat services of a phenomenal range of online professionals from around the world. We understand that the influencers, life coaches, tutors, content creators, performers, consultants, and more using Premium.Chat every day are always looking for new ways to grow their entrepreneurial empires even bigger!

That’s why we regularly review other online tools, helping you make the best possible decisions for your business. As you’ll see as you delve further into this article, we outline how each digital tool works, its customization options, how much it costs, reviews, and of course, how you can get paid. So let’s get started, traversing from the basic features of AllMyLinks to the latest AllMyLinks reviews.

What is AllMyLinks?

AllMyLinks is a free-to-use platform that allows its users to create a customized landing page featuring a bio, header and background images, and a list of handy links for their followers. It also provides the option for those using the site to monetize their links and create funding or tip campaigns.

This provides a practical single website address that users can share as their “link in bio” on social media platforms and elsewhere online. Many virtual virtuosos find this kind of tool really handy if they don’t maintain their own website but want fans or followers to be able to find all their favorite online hangouts with ease.

The platform launched in 2020, making it a younger competitor to more established bio and link-sharing platforms like Linktree. The site also allows users to send each other messages, notify followers when they start a live stream, and explore to find other users of interest.

AllMyLinks Features: The Basics

Part of AllMyLinks appeal is in its simplicity. If you create a user page, you can set up your image and background, create a list of links, and set up a donate or tip button on the top bar. What’s more, the platform promises that your visitors will never see an advert on your page.

Just about every kind of link is supported, including all the big social media platforms, WhatsApp, PayPal, Patreon, cryptocurrency wallet links, your own website link, and yes—even your Premium.Chat page! What’s more, you can put some of your links behind a paywall, so that visitors have to pay to access them, and even offer subscriptions.

Users can earn verified account status, however, the threshold for this isn’t high. To get verified on the site, you simply need to link to your socials and link at least one of your social profiles back to AllMyLinks.

One area where AllMyLinks falls short in comparison to Linktree is that it doesn’t offer fantastic analytical tools. However, you can integrate Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics with the use of tracking pixels, but this requires a bit of technical savvy.

Is AllMyLinks Free?

Impressively, AllMyLinks is completely free to users and offered in full, with no premium upgrades to miss out on. In fact, according to the site’s Help Pages, AllMyLinks doesn’t even take a cut of payments made through the platform with PayPal.

This is sure to appeal to content creators, although, it is important to keep in mind that the website is sure to be generating a revenue stream from its users in one way or another. The platform’s Terms and Conditions mention their affiliate / advertising partners, so it seems likely that—as is often the case these days—they probably monetize the data they collect on their users.

How Much Can I Customize AllMyLinks?

When it comes to customization, AllMyLinks does fall a little short when compared to its competitors. Firstly, you can’t get rid of the AllMyLinks logo, add your own branding, or change the font or layout of your page.

However, you can change the background image or even use an NFT as your background. There are limited color customizations available, and you can choose your avatar. As a user, you can also set the site to dark mode, which is nice for those who spend too much time looking at a screen or prefer to keep things a little more gothic!

When it comes to your list of links, you can organize the order of your links and curate them into titled sections. Although, if you are a content creator working within an adult niche, there are some limitations to consider—which is something we’ll come back to in just a moment.

Is AllMyLinks a Safe Space For Adult Content Creators and Those Who Prioritize Privacy?

Whether your online business focuses on a mature audience or you want to assure the privacy of both you and your clients, there are a few things to know about AllMyLinks.

Firstly, many who have faced difficulty navigating restrictions on other platforms will be happy to know that AllMyLinks does welcome adult content creators. However, limitations in this regard include a ban on links related to “escort” services, an obligatory “18+” links section that is fixed at the bottom of your links list, and a ban on monetizing links to adult content or adult services on your actual AllMyLinks page. Explicit profile or background images are also prohibited.

When it comes to general privacy, AllMyLinks doesn’t let people identify who views their profile and does allow users to block other users. However, the platform does warn that users taking payments via PayPal should set up a business PayPal account rather than a personal one to prevent buyers from receiving their details during the transaction process with the payment provider.

How Do Creators Get Paid When Using AllMyLinks?

AllMyLinks supports Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, and Paypal payments, making it easy for fans or followers to send cash your way. However, visitors must sign into the site to use paid links, set up subscriptions, or make any other kind of contribution, which may serve as a barrier to some.

When you create your AllMyLinks page and decide to monetize your links, you need to set up the payment option that will suit you best for payouts. Because the platform uses integrated payment systems rather than handling money themselves, all payments go directly to the page owner at the time of purchase, subject only to the time frames of the payment provider in question.

Is AllMyLinks Safe and Legit?

Scam Adviser’s AllMyLinks review rates the site as safe and legit for its users, providing an automatic rating based on things like the volume of traffic to the site, a malware and phishing scan, a valid SSL certificate, and the website’s registration.

However, they note that the owners of the website are hidden on WHOIS—and we couldn’t find out who they are online—and the platform’s review scores across the internet are only mediocre.

A final trust factor with AllMyLinks that users should be aware of is that, according to their Terms and Conditions, the site doesn’t accommodate refunds of any kinds. Unfortunately for sellers on the platform, if a buyer makes a chargeback, the buyer will be instantly banned, but the seller will also lose the revenue from their sale.

AllMyLinks Reviews

Speaking of AllMyLinks reviews, shall we take a quick tour of the latest user feedback on this bio and link-sharing website? Ordinarily, we turn to Trustpilot for an informed overview of user perception. However, even after three years of operation, AllMyLinks only has one review on TrustPilot and a rating of just 3.7 stars out of 5.

Fortunately, because AllMyLinks operates both Android and Apple-friendly Apps alongside its in-browser version, we were able to find some reviews to check out in the App stores. Over at the Google Play Store, AllMyLinks has an overall review rating of 3.9 stars out of 5, while in the Apple App Store, it’s ranking currently sits at 3.5 stars out of 5. Here is what some of the more recent reviewers had to say:

Google Play Store reviewer David Alzola said: “Omg I can’t express how much I love using this mobile application. I’m sleeping out the layout and I honestly love how it works, the mobile website is better layout wise than the app so when I am editing my profile I tend to use the website on a desktop/computer more. I love storing my links , such as my social medias and including my cash app or PayPal link.”

Apple App Store reivewe caseyishappy said: “Really useful. I love AllMyLinks, the paid links you can make along with the crowdfunding campaign is such a great design that stands out from the other Link apps. It’s such a useful app for artists, influencers, and anyone really. I wish you could use something to cash out other than PayPal because of PayPal’s issues, I wish BitSafe was still an option, but that’s the only issue I have. I recommend AllMyLinks 100%.”

Google Play Store reviewer Zimir Wilkins said: “Excellent in many ways but forces people to have an account to buy a link. Preventing link sales. A guest checkout would be perfect. Needs a way to socialize users and promote accounts. Can potentially be much more prominent.”

Apple App Store reviewer Collin245 said: “Needs work but the idea is there. I deleted the app went to download it again and can’t get logged back in. This is a pathetic UI UX error. I have lots of options as far as these link tree pages I just bought a dot card and am sad to say all my links isn’t doing more to improve. I hope to be able to come back to this app and it be fixed sometime soon. Wish you all the best all my links.”

Google Play Store reviewer Nathaniel said: “After the newest update: Version 2.5.2 release on the 25th of March 2023, the sign in button isn’t working, forgotten password isn’t working also and I have sent mail to support but no reply. The developer also restricted access to specific country’s users which isn’t fair.

Can I Add Premium.Chat To My AllMyLinks?

For any readers who are new here in the Premium.Chat blog, welcome to the home of a fun and user-friendly monetization tool that allows a diverse range of online professionals to monetize their time by charging fans, followers, or clients to text, voice, or video chat. Our versatile platform makes it convenient and safe to provide remote online tutoring, consultations, coaching sessions, and so much more.

If you are considering using AllMyLinks, you will surely want to drop your Premium.Chat link right at the top of your links list, and we encourage you to do so! Keep in mind that if you have embedded Premium.Chat on your website, you’ll be able to link to that page too. If that sounds exciting and you’re yet to join our growing online community, be sure to check out more about what we do and get signed up today!


As you can see, AllMyLinks holds the potential to be useful to a range of online influencers, business owners, and entrepreneurs, although it doesn’t offer as many features as some of its paid competitors such as Linktree. The lack of chargeback protection and indications of periodic technical issues seen in AllMyLinks reviews may give some sellers a reason to pause ahead of choosing the platform.

If you have your own website, you may find it easier to drop all your links there instead, allowing you to have more control over how the information is presented and accessed. However, many will find the monetized links features on AllMyLinks a convenient addition to their hustle—not to mention, the platform is a great way to share your Premium.Chat page link far and wide.

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