How To Charge Per Minute for Live Chat

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A big revolutionary change has been brought by Premium.Chat in the Live Chat Messaging Industry which is a new breakthrough for Per Minute Billing using Live Chat. The new change brought convenience, and ease along with it since it can be easily implemented without technical know how. It is a new billing revolution brought to the live chat industry where you start earning money by the minute. This business model is not new, it has been very profitable for telephone calls and it’s called Pay Per Call. With Premium Chat, however, you get paid per minute, or a flat rate by simply chatting with your clients, fans, and followers on the topics you have chosen.

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How Can You Charge Per Minute for Live Chat?

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The Premium.Chat platform introduces an automated chat billing system which has become a very profitable way today to generate revenue online. It is up to you to decide how much you’d like charge. The most common per minute rate for paid live chat ranges from $.99 to $5.99 per minute. Alternatively, you can set your price as a flat rate instead, giving people a certain amount for your chat with them. This billing system is very flexible as it allows you to earn according to your preferred billing method and fee.

Income is generated by engaging in live chat sessions with visitors to your website or with followers on your social media platforms. This model is perfect for those with a significant fan base who are looking to monetize their interactions. To facilitate this, Premium Chat has launched a personalized live chat billing system, designed for both individuals and businesses.

Setup your Free Premium.Chat account

There is no upfront investment or any monthly fees required for earning a revenue stream with live chat. You just need to Sign up free by creating your profile on Premium.Chat. It only takes a few minutes. Your customers will be able to pay to chat for you and billed efficiently as soon as they sign up by clicking on “Let’s Chat Now” on your Premium Chat profile, and you accept their chat request through email or SMS when you receive it.

The billing process is simply carried out via a debit or credit card. This includes Visa, Amex, MasterCard and Discover. The transaction is made efficiently as soon as the customers send you a chat request, and you accept their request for an incoming Premium chat. 

You can also set your availability according to your time and preference by managing the online and offline button of your chat plugin.

Get started today, and start earning per minute with Live Chat billing exclusively from Premium.Chat!

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