How To Setup A Paid Chat Service

If you are running a business and have a strong digital presence, you may already be familiar with the traffic that you get on your website. Most of the people who visit your website are always interested in chatting with an authorized person. Did you know that you can turn this chat service into a revenue stream for your Social Media and Website?

By using Premium.Chat, you can add this new income stream to your business in a time and cost effective manner. It will only take 3 minutes of your time and you can potentially start earning immediately.

  1. Sign Up For Premium.Chat
Signup for Premium.Chat

The first step to creating a revenue stream through chat options is to sign up. You will only be asked to enter your active mobile number. Once you enter this number, any and every update will be given directly to your number. You will be provided with a Login pin which will be secured by two-factor authentication. Go to our homepage to Sign up for Premium.Chat free

2. Create Your Pay Per Minute Chat Widget

Create a Chat Widget

After signing up, you will be asked to create a Chat Widget by selecting the design style, and topic along with description of the chat you offer.

3. Set Your Chat Rate Either Per Minute or a Flat Rate

Set your price for per minute or flat rate for chat

Once you are done with your Chat Widget, the next step is to set up a per minute rate or a flat rate and then the billing starts. Every time a visitor chooses to chat with your service, you can bill them at a flat rate or per minute rate. You can set your per minute rate to as little as 0.5$ per minute or more. You can also add a flat rate option, which would charge the visitor a flat rate despite how much they choose to be on your website. Debit and Credit Card processing is included for Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover.

4. Add a Premium Chat Widget to your site, and Social Media

add your chat widget to social media or a website

The next step would be to add all the relevant social media apps and your website’s HTML and link it to this chat option. As stated above, once you link all your Facebook, Instagram and other popular messenger apps with this chat widget, they will store and keep a record of every conversation with every premium chat customer. This will help you keep checking with your visitors and their queries related to your service.

5. Set your Availability

Set your availability or schedule

One of the many advantages of using Premium.Chat is that you can set your availability to make yourself online, or offline at your preference. You can also pre-schedule your available times so it will be done automatically for you without the need to login.

6. Accept or Decline Paid Chat Requests

Whenever someone wants to get in touch with you via this particular chat widget. You will be instantly notified with all the relevant details about the chat request via sms or chat. You can then choose to accept the chat request, decline it, or simply not respond to them as per your wish.

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