Introducing The Best Pay Per Minute Chat App On The Market

Premium.Chat is making all the headlines in the Live Chat Industry for all the right reasons. The great minds behind Premium.Chat have introduced a fully automated additional revenue stream for Premium Chat users.

Premium.Chat is not just confined to providing their services to businesses, they also create reasonable solutions for Individuals such as Advisors, Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Influencers and many more. The basic idea behind Premium.Chat is to help you easily charge at a flat or per minute rate for a premium chat experience for any type of service, concept or industry.

Why should you prefer Premium Chat?

Well there are a lot of reasons for Premium Chat being an immense success in the Live Chat Industry, let us take you through a guide as to why Premium Chat should be the go to Live Chat App for your business.

Easy pricing, Easier Billing

You decide exactly how much your time is precious to you and how much worth of it can be giving it to anyone who is seeking it. It is an easy additional revenue stream to add, you can price your chat at the pay per minute module with as low as $.50 per minute or $5.99 per minute. You could also opt for a flat rate charge which would be a one time charge for a certain number of minutes.

The billing is even easier, Premium Chat can process Debit or Credit cards of Visa, Amex , Mastercard, and Discover. You can start earning immediately using this service. All that with real time and accurate billing system, the most reliable paid chat billing system in the industry!

Easy to Setup

Get started in a matter of minutes! You just need to sign up providing your contact number to us and then select a particular chat widget. Once you are done, you are good to go. Just add the relevant HTML of the social media or website you would be using and start earning money immediately!

Cost Effective

It’s not just time-friendly, it is also cost effective. You do not need to pay a single penny to start. Just provide your contact number to us and start earning via Premium Chat!

Platform Friendly

Most businesses today are seeking out a paid chat service but they want a platform friendly service. Well, you do not have to worry about being flexible or versatile if you sign up with Premium Chat. It can work on all Mobile or Desktop platforms, record these conversations and at the same time provide a user-friendly experience to you and your visitors alike.

Set your availability

Setting your availability will make it all better. You can filter out the times you will not be able to entertain your visitors. You can actually schedule your whole routine through Premium Chat. You can also accept or decline requests from different visitors.

There is absolutely nothing to lose, Give it a go today to earn some extra bucks you have been missing out on for so long! Sign up today and start getting paid to chat.

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