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Making money online was never so easy or so much fun before. People with an expertise in certain topics, or a strong social following with fans can easily make money by chatting online. The Internet revolution has since long invaded our communication pathways. Live chats have always been the easiest, most accessible way of connecting people across the globe. But it was unimaginable to earn an income out of it. Well, it’s now the most profitable means of getting paid for chat thanks to Premium.Chat

There are many websites and social media platforms that give you the opportunity to make profit by conversing online- it’s like getting paid for free! Sharing your opinions, insights or plain discussing about any area of interest can be an easy way of earning. Also, e-commerce sites find it mandatory to add a live chat support link; this ensure more online sales and better customer service to gain good clientele. Listing below top 5 online chat services for small businesses, however these providers don’t offer the ability to earn money using chat online:

  • LiveChat
  • Sendinblue
  • Olark
  • Zendesk Chat
  • Chaport

How Premium.Chat is superbly different

Although this software offers various features such as chat plugins, they are a bit expensive and require hard work and training for maintenance. But don’t get disappointed, we have Premium.Chat; an automated online chat billing solution. It’s not your standard chat service, it has invented a new way to earn money by the minute, or a flat rate for live chat. There is no signup fee or monthly price plans to fret about- get your paid chat widget setup in 3 minutes by and start earning money immediately. It is particularly easy to add it to your websites or social media profiles. Complex-free creation of customized chat widget plugin with discussion topics of your choice is a great feature. Cherry on top, you have to set your receiving prices yourself- based on per minute or flat charges. It can vary up to $5.99/minute or $50 for flat rate pricing.

Increase your revenue with a paying audience of supporters by adding Premium Chat today. Social media often demands live interactions with followers, they wish to interact with their favorite people through live chat. To gain revenue through such a task is like a golden parachute. Premium Chat allows debit and credit card processes via MasterCard, Amex, Visa and Discover. There are no hassle of audio/video calling; our service is based on text based paid messaging. Also, if you aren’t available at a certain time you can turn off the widget added to your website and social profiles. Or if you plan on chatting with your customers in future, set up a schedule in advance.

Billing for your Chat requests & Getting Paid is Easy

As far as billing is concerned, that is also covered efficiently by Premium Chat. You’ll be paid every month on the 10th day. Premium.Chat pays through PayPal or Direct Deposit after charging a percentage from the revenue earned. All this can be achieved by making a Premium.Chat profile or widget chat plugin which is to be inserted in whatever platform you’re using. Visitors will be charged a small fee and when they’re going to send you a chat request you will start earning as soon as the chat starts. It’s especially devised in a user-friendly fashion, to be easily browsed on mobile, laptops and tablets. So start earning by going online for a lively, fun and profitable chat session. Learn more about how setting yourself up with a free Premium.Chat accoun t can help you, and your business start earning more money today!

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Instantly Turn Live Chat into a Profitable New Revenue Stream for your Website and Social Media

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