Paid by the Minute Jobs – How to Start Out or Monetize Your Client Base

Whether you want an ultra-flexible new job, or want to monetize your time with existing clients, getting paid by the minute could be the answer. There are dozens of paid by the minute job opportunities, as well as different ways of working. These range from joining a platform like, to building an independent presence with a solution like Premium.Chat.

This article was written both for newbies starting out in a paid chat or consultancy career and for those with an established client base looking to add a new revenue stream.

Paid by the Minute Services

Getting paid by the minute is the perfect option for anyone who offers one-to-one online services. Clients will pay by the minute for anything from flirty adult chat services through to in-depth professional consultations. Other options include life coaching, tutoring, online medical consultations, alternative therapies, psychic or tarot readings, and much more. Celebrities and social media influencers can also monetize their fame by offering pay per minute chat sessions with fans and followers.

We’re seeing more careers move online every day, as professionals in every imaginable field explore the benefits of this flexible way of working. Our recent article on how pay per minute chat software empowers work-from-home success includes a detailed run through of some of the most popular services.

Why Will Clients Pay by the Minute?

Paying per minute for a service is incredibly flexible, since you only pay for the precise amount of time you need. If the chat session or consultation comes to an end early – or runs late – then there’s no chance of a dispute over the fee. In short, this form of pricing protects both the client and the professional.

A Work-From-Home Career

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Getting paid per minute for chat or consultancy services is the perfect option for anyone seeking a work-from-home job. The advantages of working from home include lower costs, no commute, more free time, greater flexibility, and even the option to work while you travel the world.

Many people choose to fit a paid per minute job around their regular career. If you’re already employed, then a work-from-home side hustle could be the perfect way to boost your income. Since you can define your own hours, it’s an easier option than trying to hold down two regular jobs.

Your new paid by the minute job might be linked to your current work. For example, if you’re a full-time therapist, clients might pay by the minute for online consultations in the evening. Or you might offer a completely distinct service – you have total freedom to choose.

How Much Do I Get Paid by the Minute?

Working out how much you get paid per minute can be harder than you’d think. When you sign up, many websites will ask you to set your availability, but you shouldn’t automatically assume you’ll always work this many hours per day. Remember that your availability just reflects the time when you might be contacted by clients; whether you actually are or not could depend on how well you’re promoting your services.

Your freedom to set your own prices can vary according to whether you work on a third-party platform or market your services independently. Some paid per minute websites and apps pay a predetermined rate, while others let you choose a rate of your own (usually within a fixed range).

It can be tempting to set a high rate per minute for your services, but remember that this might reduce the demand from clients. At the same time, pricing too low can lose you money. If you find that you’re often overbooked, then you might be able to raise your rate per minute without actually reducing the number of chats or consultations you provide per day.

What is

If you’re searching for ‘paid by the minute’, then you might be looking for information on But this website is just one of many platforms and software solutions that enable you to get paid to chat or consult with clients. Members who list their services on work on a freelance basis and are known as advisors. operates on a monthly subscription model. As of October 2019, the platform offers three different subscription plans. Free plans allow an advisor to create up to 5 listings, while paid plans (defined as ‘Plus’ or ‘Pro’) allow advisors to list more services and access additional benefits.

Alternative Paid by The Minute Platforms

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There are dozens of platforms that allow you to list paid by the minute services. Before you sign up it’s important to check that you’re comfortable with the platform’s pricing, exposure, and all-round feel.

Ask questions like:
Are there support staff on hand if I have a problem?
Am I charged upfront, or do I only start paying when I earn?
Is the service easy to use?

When some freelancers join pay per minute apps or websites, they expect an instant stream of clients right away. In fact, it sometimes takes work and time to build up your clientele. You can’t just count on people finding your services or profile on the platform you’ve joined; you’ll probably need to promote yourself across social media, or blogs related to your industry.

If you’re serious about maximizing your earnings you could also build a website. This sounds complicated, but it’s actually very easy. Most major web hosting companies offer website builder tools like, or that removes the need to learn code or hire a developer. Of course, if you’re well established in your niche, then you might already have dedicated social media accounts and a website up and running.

Premium.Chat – The Leader in Paid Messaging

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If you’re not comfortable playing in someone else’s sandbox, and prefer the independent approach, then you could explore Premium.Chat. Our live chat billing software can be used directly on your own website – it’s as simple as adding our chat widget. If you don’t have a website, or don’t want to add the widget, you can simply share links to your Premium.Chat profile.

We built Premium.Chat to hand control back to our users. There’s no need to pay anything upfront, and no need to make your own services fit in with a third-party platform. Our solution gives you the flexibility to offer any service you wish. We handle all the credit and debit card billing that automates the process so you can efficiently get paid. For ultimate flexibility, you don’t even need to offer paid by the minute services – you have the freedom to choose flat-rate fees if they better suit you or your clients. You can even set your own schedule, or turn your Premium Chat service on, or off anytime. You’ll get the most room to grow with a service like Premium.Chat.

Put simply, Premium.Chat gives you the freedom to focus on delivering the service you’re best at!

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