Provide Great Customer Care Around The Clock With Premium Chat

For those of us needing the help of an expert, sometimes it simply isn’t an option to gain knowledge or support we require, right when we need it most. Consulting with a specialist can sometimes be costly, and may involve waiting days, weeks or even months for an appointment. Thankfully, technological innovations are allowing savvy professionals to offer on demand services! With a tool like Premium.Chat, you can increase your earnings while giving clients excellent and affordable customer care.

Driving Customer Service Into People’s Homes, And Even Pockets!

As a specialist in your field, you know that you hold great potential. With the sharing of your knowledge, you can help your target audience achieve the results they desire! Whether you are a life coach or business consultant; a spiritual advisor or a nutritionist, being in demand is your goal. The downside of this is that demand can come with drawbacks. Letting clients down when limited by location, your schedule, or even theirs can be disheartening. For these reasons, offering your talent remotely creates the potential to reinvent the customer care you provide!

By offering an on-demand chat service, the impulse to reach you will be easily met. Every time your clients experience a moment of self-doubt, have a question, or wish to get a second opinion, you will be but a click away! This level of customer service is hard to match by traditional methods. In this best-of-both-worlds scenario, the value of your time can be represented, while offering great value for the customers you serve.

Be The Go-To Resource For Your Pool Of Clients

Whether it’s our personal lives, or our professional ones, the pace of existence has never been faster! Challenges need to be met and overcome on a regular basis, and new developments crop up every day. The customer care required by those facing such twists and turns is not easily met by antiquated appointment based approaches. Your customers will quickly come to rely on you when they know they can easily reach you. Having an expert on hand is a life changing experience that they will be happy to invest in!

You may choose to offer a combination of real-world meetings with on-demand support. You could use your virtual platform to gain access to customers all around the world.

Whatever your goals, a resource such as Premium.Chat can open the door to a vast new pool of clients. Those who value your service will be able to reach you from home, the office, or on the go. If offering chat by the minute, they will be able to ask a burning question between meetings, or just before a deadline!

Be In Touch With Current Communication Trends

Research tells us that the Millennial generation prefer to reach out to both acquaintances, and people they don’t know, in message form. The meteoric rise of messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Viber mean that chat is a comfortable mode of communication that most people are at ease with. If making first contact with you is better in chat format, a Premium.Chat offering is a perfect way to allow new customers to follow their instincts. Sometimes seeking what we need can be intimidating. The impulse to reach out can be fleeting, so an on-demand approach will help your clients reach for their goals.

Make The Luxury Of Your Support An Easy Thing To Aspire To 

While your rates will reflect the skill you possess, an immediate access model will make your service highly competitive. Your clients wont incur a costly subscription, or have to worry about travel costs. The factors that normally ramp up the costs of specialist customer service will be paired back. In this way, you can create great value for money, while achieving a fantastic revenue for the work you put in! Best of all, you can offer your Premium.Chat service while working from home, when traveling, or from literally anywhere life calls you.

Choose What You Will Offer, At What Price, And When

We each have a unique vision of what our ideal life would look like. With Premium.Chat you can decide when you work, and do so on your own terms. Creating your Premium.Chat account will not cost you a dime, and it won’t cost you a thing unless you’re making money. The platform will keep a small percentage of each customer’s fee, in return for facilitating your chat sessions. Set your own pricing, either by the minute, or at a set-fee per chat consultation. Nobody knows your clients better than you do, so you can decide what form of customer care will suit them best.

Whether you’re somewhat nocturnal, or a lover of the sunrise, you can create your own schedule! Customers will be able to see when you are online, so you can sculpt your days as suits you best. If your timetable is ever-evolving, just choose to set your availability to either on, or off, as you have windows in which to serve people. You can create and customize a Premium.Chat widget to embed in your website, and share on social media. In this way, your clients will be able to find you, whenever they desire.

Know That Your Billing Is Already Taken Care Of

Say goodbye to the days of creating invoices and chasing up late payments. Premium.Chat will process all payments on your behalf, saving credit card details for a speedier connection next time! Each time you begin chatting, you can be confident that the payment is already secured. Your monthly income statements will be at your fingertips, and your earnings at your disposal on a monthly basis. All of your attention can instead be focused on giving the exemplary customer service that makes your work so satisfying.

Customers who need a quick answer, in a short space of time, will know who to turn to. Experiment with this casual, instant solution to customer care. Allow businesses and individuals on-demand access to what you can offer the world! To learn more, join the Premium.Chat community on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you have specific questions contact us by completing our online form.

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