How Models Use Premium.Chat On Social Media To Earn Money From Their Fans And Followers

As a model within today’s digital era, achieving success and fulfilling your potential means mastering quite a different skill set to those who became household names in the past! Excitingly, models of today have a direct line to connect with their fan-base. This means that they can elevate their careers to dizzying heights by mastering the art of influencer marketing, and learning how to monetize followers effectively. Your growing fan base means that you are already building a fantastic brand identity. Not only are you talented and capable within your profession, but you understand how to convey a persona that your fans find relatable and inspiring! Are you are ready to up your game, and create a new revenue stream from your growing following? Premium.Chat offers the perfect means to engage your audience, increase your influence, and boost your income. Read on to discover more!

What Premium.Chat Can Do For You

Models like you will know that your fans love having the chance to interact. Whether they hope to share their own stories, or ask you questions, it is certainly true that followers love to communicate – and are willing to spend money to do it! Premium.Chat is a fast growing platform that allows it’s users to charge for text based chat online. You can provide your fans with the exclusive opportunity to chat with you in person, while making money too! Recognize the value of your time, and monetize followers while building fan loyalty and expanding your empire!

Creating an account with Premium.Chat is totally free, and couldn’t be simpler. There are no sign up fees or monthly costs – you don’t even need to enter your credit card details! You can create and customize a chat widget in minutes, and share it on your social media pages. Premium.Chat offers a safe, secure, and totally private tool, that is perfectly suited to influencer marketing. With your new Premium.Chat account, you will be able to set your own fees. Choose whether to charge your fans by the minute, or at a flat rate per chat session. When it comes to taking payment, Premium.Chat will do all the legwork for you. Once you start chatting, payment is already secured! You will be able to track your success via comprehensive reporting, and will receive your earnings every month, less a small percentage service fee. It really is that simple!

Make Easy Work Of Influencer Marketing, And Build Your Brand

As a model, fans are drawn to your unique aesthetic, and creative brand message. The more engaged and sizable your following gets, the more expansive your opportunities will become! Demonstrating that you know how to captivate and monetize followers will certainly portray your authority to potential collaborators. If you aspire to seek out new partnerships – perhaps through direct recruitment, sponsorships, or as a brand ambassador – you will be able to further demonstrate your follower engagement. Whatever your career goals, connecting with your fans through Premium.Chat will add another feather to your cap. Demonstrate your influencer marketing know-how, and set yourself apart from your competition!

Monetize Your Followers, And Take Ownership Of Your Time!

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No doubt, you already know that time is a precious asset. Without care and attention, maintaining your online presence can become a big draw! Connecting with your fans is hugely important, but endless direct message inquiries can compromise the balance of your day. You need to be able to focus on the truly valuable activities on your schedule and maintain a healthy balance! Providing a paid chat service for your loyal following will allow you to sort those with an authentic desire to engage from those who might waste your time. You can reward those who wish to invest in what you do! This will help to strengthen your fan base – creating a fantastic asset, in the form of followers who have real value, both to you and the brands you work with.

Maintain Your Privacy, And Your Control

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Experience a one-to-one revenue stream that gives you total control over who you chat to, and when. Share your Premium.Chat link on social media, or send it in a DM whenever someone reaches out to you. When a fan wants to chat, you will receive a notification. You can decide whether you want to talk, or not! You can set your own schedule, or turn your chat availability on or off whenever you please. The Premium.Chat platform is web based, so you and your followers won’t need to download or install anything. The platform is entirely secure, giving you peace of mind that your data and privacy are always protected.

Everyone who chats with you will be able to save their payment details for greater convenience next time.  Because you can use Premium.Chat on any device, you will be able to chat from wherever you happen to be. You might be at home on the sofa, or on the go! Ultimately, the flexibility of Premium.Chat means that you can make the chat service exactly what you want it to be. Incorporate an easy-to-use revenue stream into your influencer marketing strategy, and watch your income grow!

You Can Monetize Followers With An Industry Innovator

Your online presence speaks to the aspiration, goals and dreams of your fan base. Connecting with your followers will allow you to understand them better, and shape your career path even more effectively! Harness the power of Premium.Chat to generate a reliable income, and lay steady foundations for future success. Build your growing brand into a business, with a resource that is extremely profitable, flexible, and 100% private. Create meaningful connection, with the guarantee of reward – and nothing to loose!

Premium.Chat and it’s sister company,, draw on more than 22 years of experience in helping people connect. As industry pioneers, they have been able to hone delivering reliable and easy-to-use solutions within the booming messaging industry. By choosing Premium.Chat, you will be aligning yourself with an ally who understands the finer details of influencer marketing, and leveraging success within the online marketplace! This includes knowing that studies show Millennials and Gen Z prefer text based chat over any other medium. Premium.Chat provides an excellent opportunity for models who wish to find a practical and fun way to monetize followers. It also ticks every box in terms of meeting the needs of modern consumers. Trust Premium.Chat to facilitate your income, and focus on building your brand to it’s utmost potential!

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