Frequently Asked Questions


How does ensure that chat buyers are over 18+?

1. Age Declaration: All users who sign up for an account on must affirm that they are at least 18 years of age. This is the first level of defense against underage use. Providing false information about one's age would be considered a violation of the terms of service and will lead to immediate account suspension or termination.


2. Payment Method Checks: Since most financial institutions require account holders to be at least 18 years old, checking the age of the payment account holder can serve as a form of age verification. If a user's payment account is determined to be registered to a person under 18, the user's account may be suspended or terminated.


3. Routine Audits: periodically review accounts for any signs of underage use. This includes machine learning algorithms to analyze usage patterns, language, or other indicators that could suggest a user is underage.


4. User Reporting: The community plays a vital role in enforcing age requirements. Users should be encouraged to report any suspicions of underage use. Upon receiving a report, will review the account and take appropriate action, which may include reaching out to the user for additional age verification.