How To Get Paid For Your Time By Adding A Chat Widget To Your Website

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You already have the talent to offer a unique service to the world, but are you meeting your true potential? Perhaps you dream of adding another feather to your revenue-stream cap? As a freelancer or entrepreneur in the world of today, the greatest challenge is finding new ways to reach out to your target demographic. Making it easy for potential customers to find you, and easy for them to engage your services, is the key to success!

If you’ve already created a beautifully designed website then you are making great headway. After all, Blue Corona reported that 97% of Americans turn to the internet to find what they are looking for! The next step is to make accessing you convenient, whatever your knowledge or skill. The easier it is for those who want what you have to offer, the better. Adding a fee-based chat widget is a fantastic option to expand your scope. The service you provide is valuable, so hit your potential and get paid for your time. Knowing that your income is secure will make delighting your customers a source of satisfaction.

What You Can Offer With A Premium.Chat Widget

For people wanting to consult with an expert or specialist – from a business consultant to a psychic; from a therapist to an influencer – there are often frustrating obstacles in the way. From conflicts of opening hours and location, to long waiting lists, small barriers can put would-be customers right off. With a chat widget embedded on your website, you can offer your clients instant access to your service. The split-second in which they might otherwise decide to think again tomorrow will be replaced with the convenience to make an instinctive decision today!

Get paid for your time at the rate you choose with your Premium.Chat widget. Simply decide if you would rather set a by-the-minute fee, or a fixed fee for each chat session. You know the nature of your work, and what format would offer the best service to your clients. With that arranged, you will be instantly reachable via the Premium.Chat web-based platform whenever your chat widget is active. All payments will be handled on your behalf. Give your full attention to chatting with each customer that gets in touch. Whatever your skill, you can put 100% into delivering a great on-demand service.

Setting Up Your Chat Widget Couldn’t Be Easier

Simply sign up on the Premium.Chat website to get the ball rolling. There is no need to enter in your credit card details, because there are no monthly fees or start-up costs on this platform. Once you begin to get paid for your time through the chat widget, Premium.Chat will retain a small percentage of each sale in return for the service they provide. It truly is that straight forward!

Downloading or installing software is completely unnecessary. You only need to decide what chat service you will be offering, and spend a few minutes creating a customizable widget on the Premium.Chat website. Once your widget is polished and ready for action, you can embed it into your website, and share it wherever you wish! The last step of the process is setting up your schedule. If you want to offer consistent hours to your customers, you can create your own timetable. Alternatively, if you will be chatting on the fly, you can simply set your availability to on, or off, instead!

Know That Consumers Prefer To Make Contact Online

A Digital Consumer Study revealed that 63 percent of consumers prefer using a company’s website to find and engage with their businesses. The reality is that text based chat is fast becoming the mode of communication that people feel most comfortable with. Chatting offers a casual and convenient way to interact from any environment. Customers can be in the office, at home, or out with friends. Whenever they feel the desire to consult you, there will be nothing standing in their way.

Because the Premium.Chat service is entirely web based, your clients won’t need to download or install anything either. This means that they can use any device to engage your service. By logging into the secure Premium.Chat service, both you and your clients can be assured of privacy and safety. Stand out amongst your competition by offering this fantastic on-demand service.

Creating A Professional Impression From The Get-Go

Your website is where potential customers will come to check out your credentials and reviews. As of 2018, some 75% of people admit judging the credibility of a business or service on the quality of it’s website. With this in mind, adding a Premium.Chat widget not only looks professional, but adds a degree of authenticity to your own site. Visitors will know that there is a real-world person behind your online presentation, ready to help them in whatever way they need.

Creating a sense of identity in this way will greatly contribute to the trust people feel towards your brand. Be sure to add an appropriate head-shot, or build a strong sense of the ethos and intention behind your Premium.Chat service to amplify this effect! When people feel trust, they are much more inclined to make an on-the-spot decision. They are already interested in the service you provide, or they wouldn’t be there in the first place!

Get Started With Premium.Chat Today

A chat widget is an ideal way to transform your website into a launching pad for your expert service. It can also act as a spring board for a from-home internet based career! Break down barriers between you and your clients, while making it easy to get paid for your time wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Choose the world’s preferred mode of communication. Build your reputation as the on-demand specialist to rely on in your field.

One last thing to do, as the ball starts rolling. Once you begin making sales with your chat widget, you will need to provide your bank account or Paypal info so that you can receive your earnings! With no up-front costs, and such great potential to get paid for your time, you have nothing to lose. Sign up with Premium.Chat today, and see how much closer to your potential you can get!

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