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Thinking about getting a job with Chat Recruit? Now you can make an informed decision by learning more about the platform, discovering the kinds of services offered, and reading Chat Recruit reviews from current and past members. We’ll also look at the registration requirements and discuss alternative ways of succeeding in the paid chat sector.

What is Chat Recruit?

Chat Recruit is a renowned platform offering work-from-home opportunities for individuals interested in providing chat-based services. Acting as a recruitment conduit, Chat Recruit connects potential chat hosts with several platforms owned by the same company, including FlirtXchange, Xpanded, and Psychics Live. The services provided by these hosts range from adult phone sex chat services to webcam modeling, and psychic chat readings.

Working for Chat Recruit

This platform is a popular choice for those entering the remote work sector, offering a flexible work environment for people worldwide, although certain restrictions apply based on location and the type of service to be provided. The variety of services offered allows individuals to select the most suitable role for themselves, be it as a adult phone chat operator, a webcam chat performer, or a psychic chat operator.

Is Chat Recruit Legitimate or a Scam?

Chat Recruit is a legitimate company that provides work-from-home opportunities. The company has been in business for over 10 years and has a good reputation.

Registration Options and Restrictions

Chat Recruit provides an application system for people who want to work as adult phone chat hosts (also known as Phone Sex Operators – or PSOs). You can also apply to become an adult webcam performer (aka a webcammer), or a phone psychic. You can choose which services you want to provide, but keep in mind that not all services are available for everyone. If the following registration requirements don’t work for you, then check out the section on alternatives to Chat Recruit later in this article!

Currently (as of October 2019), Chat Recruit only contracts adult phone chat hosts who are based in the UK. That means that if you’re based in the US, Canada, or the rest of the world, you can currently only work for Chat Recruit as a webcammer or phone psychic.

Men can only register as psychic hosts and aren’t eligible to provide either adult phone chat or webcam services. Transgender hosts can provide adult services – but only as webcammers – as well as psychic services. You don’t need any experience to become either an adult phone chat host or a webcammer, but experience is preferred for psychics.

Finally, you should be prepared to provide proof of age and identity as part of your Chat Recruit registration.

How Much Does Chat Recruit Pay a how much can I earn?

Chat Recruit pays its employees an average of $21.64 per hour in the United States. However, pay can vary depending on experience, location, and the type of work you do. For example, phone chat operators typically earn less than webcam models.

Here is a breakdown of the average hourly pay for Chat Recruit employees in the United States:

  • Phone chat operator: $13.70 per hour
  • Webcam model: $25.96 per hour

Chat Recruit also offers a commission-based pay structure for some of its employees. This means that you can earn more money for each customer you bring in. The commission rate varies depending on the type of work you do.

For example, phone chat operators typically earn a commission of 10% of the amount of money the customer spends. Webcam models typically earn a commission of 20% of the amount of money the customer spends.

In addition to hourly pay and commissions, Chat Recruit also offers its employees bonuses and other incentives. For example, you can earn a bonus for referring new employees to the company.

Overall, Chat Recruit offers its employees a competitive pay structure. However, it’s important to note that your earnings will vary depending on your experience, location, and the type of work you do.

Clients can connect with you whenever you’re logged in and online, and certain services (such as webcam sessions) can also be booked in advance. Some of the most successful hosts working for Chat Recruit treat it like a full-time job in order to maximize their earnings.

Even though we talk about working for Chat Recruit in this article, it’s important to understand that you won’t be an employee; you’ll actually work as a freelance phone chat host or webcam performer. This is standard for paid chat jobs across the industry. As a freelancer, you’ll be responsible for your own tax affairs – but you’ll also enjoy the freedom that regular employees just don’t have!

Chat Recruit Reviews

Here are some recent reviews for Chat Recruit:

  • Overall rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars, based on 28 reviews.
  • Pros:
    • Easy to use platform.
    • Good pay.
    • Flexible hours.
    • Friendly and helpful staff.
  • Cons:
    • Can be difficult to build up a regular clientele.
    • Some callers can be rude or demanding.
    • The company has been accused of being a scam in the past.

Overall, Chat Recruit seems to be a legitimate company that offers a good opportunity for people who want to work from home. However, it’s important to do your research before signing up, as there have been some negative reviews about the company.

Here are some specific examples of reviews from Chat Recruit employees:

  • Positive review: “I’ve been working for Chat Recruit for about a year now and I’ve really enjoyed it. The pay is good, the hours are flexible, and the staff is friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a work-from-home job.”
  • Negative review: “I worked for Chat Recruit for a few months and I was really disappointed. I had a hard time building up a regular clientele and some of the callers were rude and demanding. I would not recommend this company to anyone.”

Ultimately, whether or not Chat Recruit is a good fit for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a flexible, work-from-home job with good pay, then Chat Recruit may be a good option for you. However, if you’re looking for a job with a steady clientele and friendly callers, then you may want to consider other options.

Tips for earning more with Chat Recruit

Here are some tips for earning more money at Chat Recruit:

  • Build a regular clientele: The more customers you have, the more money you will earn.
  • Be friendly and helpful: Customers are more likely to return to you if they have a positive experience.
  • Promote yourself: Let your friends, family, and social media followers know about your work at Chat Recruit.
  • Be patient: It takes time to build up a regular clientele and earn a good income.

Additional Answers to Frequetly Asked Questions about Chat Recruit

Yes, Chat Recruit takes security seriously and uses industry-standard security measures to protect customer data.

Yes, ChatRecruit is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. You do not need any technical expertise to set up or use the platform.

Better Alternatives to Chat Recruit

premium chat

Chat Recruit sources talent for some of the best-known adult chat websites, flirting apps, and psychic websites online, but these platforms aren’t for everyone. As we’ve seen, the Chat Recruit registration requirements might not work for everyone, and would-be chat hosts from outside the UK can currently only offer psychic or webcam services.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Chat Recruit, then you should check out Premium.Chat:

Get Paid to Chat By Adding a Profitable New Revenue
Stream to your Website and Social Media

Premium.Chat provides you with pay per minute chat software that lets you get paid for any kind of chat service; it’s even suitable for social media influencers, online consultants, experts, adult models/performers, psychics, and many other niches. In fact, you can use Premium.Chat for any service you’d like to charge a fee for. If you’re looking to work for yourself, and need the most flexibility then Premium.Chat is truly the perfect solution.

Here are some reasons why Premium.Chat might be considered superior to Chat Recruit:

  1. Versatility: Premium.Chat is designed to be flexible and versatile, serving a broad range of professions and niches. Whether you’re a social media influencer, online consultant, psychic, adult performer/model, or expert in any field, you can use Premium.Chat to monetize your skills or knowledge​.
  2. Text-Based Messaging System: If you’re uncomfortable with phone chats or appearing on a webcam, Premium.Chat’s text-based messaging system is a significant advantage. It allows you to interact with clients without the need for voice or video communication.
  3. Monetizing Social Media: Premium.Chat is designed to help you monetize your social media presence. If you have a significant following on platforms like Instagram or Twitter, Premium.Chat can help you convert that following into a revenue stream​​.
  4. Global Availability: Premium.Chat is expanding rapidly worldwide. Unlike Chat Recruit, which has certain location-based restrictions, Premium.Chat is available to users of all countries​​.
  5. Personalized Profile: Premium.Chat provides a platform to host your profile if you don’t yet have a website. You can share your profile link on social media, blogs, forums, or via direct messages as a way to promote your services. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re just starting out and don’t yet have a personal website​.
  6. Independence: Premium.Chat is designed to give you the power to build your own independent online presence. You are not dependent on a specific platform for your success. Instead, you have the flexibility to grow and operate your online presence according to your own terms and preferences​.
  7. Experienced Company: Premium.Chat’s parent company has been a pioneer in the Pay Per Call Industry since 1997. They have years of experience serving the needs of the telecommunications industry, ensuring a reliable and practical solution for the fast-growing messaging industry.
  8. No Monthly Fees or Setup Costs: Unlike some platforms that may have hidden costs, with Premium.Chat, you can get started in minutes without any monthly fees or setup costs​.

It’s worth noting, however, that the “superiority” of a platform often depends on the specific needs and preferences of the individual user.

Our messaging system is text-based – making it perfect for anyone who’s uncomfortable about offering phone chat or appearing on webcam.

Premium.Chat is designed to work for you regardless of whether you’re new to this industry, or already have a fanbase. If you have a big presence on sites like Instagram or Twitter, then providing pay per minute chat via Premium.Chat is the perfect way to monetize followers and turn your social media fame into cash!

Premium.Chat is expanding rapidly world-wide. You can offer your service from: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, and New Zealand.

We put a lot of focus on individual control, and we allow users to add our live chat widget to their own websites. (Think that sounds difficult? It’s really not – here’s how to do it.)

Here’s an example of an actual functioning Premium.Chat widget which you can create for yourself.

Your Premium.Chat Profile will make you stand out

Customize Your Profile
Get your own Premium.Chat profile to customize your pricing, topics, and descriptions.

But wait… What if you’re just starting out and don’t yet have a website? That’s no problem – we also provide a platform to host your profile – and you can share the link on social media such as twitter, instagram, blogs, forums, or via direct messages, as a way to promote your services. But if your business grows, and you develop a client base, you can always make the switch and start taking live chat requests via your own website instead – it’s your choice!

Whether you’re already successful or just starting out, Premium.Chat is all about giving you the power to build your own, independent presence online, without being dependent on a particular platform for your success.

Add your Premium.Chat profile link to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube profiles so your followers, fans, and customers can start paying for chat with you!

The Final Word

Starting out in the paid chat sector is a big step – but as long as you avoid the scams, then you can afford to try different platforms or pay per minute chat software until you find the right fit for your needs. Remember that you can sign up to Chat Recruit and Premium.Chat without paying any upfront fees. That means both solutions are easy to try on a risk-free basis… So, what are you waiting for? Get Started today!

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