How to Become a Webcam Model and Make Money on Webcam

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What if you could make money from home, using just a laptop, your internet connection, and a webcam?

If you become a webcam model, you could make that dream a reality. We’ve put together this easy-to-follow guide to help you get started. Paid Live Video Chat online is a lucrative money-making industry.

Read on as we explore how to become a webcam model. We’ll start with some basic facts about webcam modeling, then we’ll share some more advanced tips and tricks. These tips are perfect for ambitious beginners and experienced webcammers who want to boost their earnings.

Let’s get started…

What is Webcamming?

Webcamming is another name for webcam modeling. This involves performing on webcam for money. Webcam models provide shows for their clients. These can range from suggestive sex chat and striptease through to explicit sex acts. Some models use sex toys or even work in pairs/groups and have sex live on camera.

Who’s It For?

Anyone over 18. Some articles just focus on how to become a webcam girl, but this is a sector where guys, girls, and anyone in between is welcome!

Clients usually seek out the type of webcam model they’re turned on by. Regular searches for terms like ‘thicc’, ‘alt’, and ‘GILF cams’ show that all kinds of people can make it in this industry. Of course, there’s always strong demand for classic ‘model types’ too.

How Much Does a Cam Model Make?

Asking how much can you make from webcam is a little like asking how long is a piece of string! Some webcam sites make big claims – like earn several thousand per day. But it’s important to understand that these numbers are often exaggerated to attract more webcam models to the platforms. It also depends if you are new to webcam modeling, or have an existing online following. Having active followers on social media, and even a website already can increase your revenue significantly. A conservative income on camming would be $50 to $100 per day for someone new to the industry, and $200 to $1500 per day for a more experienced cam model according to

Your actual earnings will depend on how much time you can commit to performing on webcam, and how much demand there is from clients. Let’s look at how this breaks down for different groups:

  • Generally speaking, webcam girls earn more than guys. That’s because the ‘average’ client is a straight male, and this creates most demand for webcam girls.
  • That said, there is still a demand for male webcam models. If you want to enter this niche, you’ll need to be willing to perform for male clients.
  • Trans webcam models can make good money. Shemales, intersex, and transvestite webcammers can also make money from webcam shows. The overall demand for these services is smaller, but there’s less competition.
  • The highest earners of all are established models and porn stars. Clients will pay a big premium for webcam sex with a famous star they’ve seen in adult films.

Webcam Modeling and Taxes

If you become a webcam model, you’ll have to pay tax on your income. (There again, so does everyone else!) You’ll be working freelance, and responsible for reporting your earnings to the tax authorities in your country. But the good news is that most authorities allow you to earn a certain amount before you start paying any tax.

How Can I Make Money from Webcam?

We’ve covered the basics of webcamming. By now, you should have a good idea of whether this is for you or not. Now let’s look at how to make money on webcam.

In the following sections, we’ll cover:

Essential Webcam Model Equipment

When you start out, you might be cautious about buying equipment. That’s only natural, since you probably want to become a webcam model to earn more money – not spend it!

But investing in a few pieces of webcam model equipment can make the difference between success and failure. Here’s a run-through of the must-haves:

HD Webcam and Microphone

Don’t rely on your laptop’s integral webcam. This might be fine for casual Skype calls, but remember that your clients are paying to see you. They’ll expect clear, HD image quality. It doesn’t cost much to invest in a good 1080p HD camera before you become a webcam model.

The microphone you use is also important. Integral mics in laptops and other devices don’t offer great sound pickup. If your new HD webcam has a good mic, that could cover you. Test it out before you start working on live webcam shows and buy a separate mic if needed.

Clothes and Props

You might imagine that when you become a webcam model, you’ll spend all your time naked! In fact, most webcammers start each show wearing something… Not always a lot, but something.

You could start a show wearing some sexy lingerie, a bikini, or even a uniform. This way, you can tease your client a little, and build up to a full webcam sex show. Always remember that the longer you can keep a client online, the more you’ll earn!

The most successful webcam models also use sex toys and other props to improve their shows. The exact props you’ll use will depend on the type/s of webcam sex you’ll be performing.


Experiment a little to get the lighting right before you begin. Some webcam models prefer strong lighting, while others prefer a subtle look. If in doubt, go for clear lighting and avoid shadows.

When you start out, you probably won’t need to buy specialist lighting. A well-placed lamp should work well enough if your overhead lighting isn’t strong enough. The trick is to test everything first, before you start charging for webcam sex shows.

How to Market Yourself

When you first become a webcam model, you’ll need to market your services. Some webcam sites claim you won’t need to market yourself outside of their platform. But if you want to make serious money, then this is hardly ever true!

Social Media

Top webcam models use social media to build a following. Twitter is the perfect way to put out updates on your availability, your performing schedule, and more. Instagram is also a great way to publish sexy bikini or lingerie shots to pique followers’ interest!

Try to use the same user name on social media as you use for your webcamming profile. This will become part of your ‘brand’ and make it easier for clients to find where you work online. You could also provide links to your webcamming profile.

Tip: Always stay within each social media platform’s T&Cs and content guidelines. Ignoring these could lead to your accounts being closed.

Porn Sites

Some of the world’s top webcam models are also porn stars. If you already work in porn, then use your status and following to start pulling in clients right away. You can even start your own porn site to make even more money. Consider creating a profile on leading porn-sharing websites ( is the biggest of all). Then post links to your webcamming profile to bring in the bucks!

If you’re not in porn, you could still follow this approach. Nowadays, some of the world’s top porn stars work from home, filming and sharing their own content. Try posting sample videos to give would-be clients a taste of your webcam shows.

Which are the Best Webcam Sites?

There are hundreds of popular webcamming sites out there. But how can you choose which to join? Here are 7 points you should check before signing up to a platform and creating a profile:

  1. Do I have to pay a sign-up fee to join?

If a webcamming site asks you to pay a sign-up fee, then it’s probably a scam. The best webcam websites don’t charge joining fees. Instead, they earn their money by charging you a percentage of your earnings. This way, you’ll only start paying anything once you make money on webcam.

  • Can I set my own fees?

Some platforms offer flat pay rates for all members, but the best webcam sex sites allow members to set their own fees. This is important if you want control over how much you’ll earn.

Tip: Some platforms will allow you to offer different services at different rates. (For example, you could offer text-based sex chat at a discounted rate.) This is a great way to attract a wider pool of clients looking for different experiences.

  • What percentage of my earnings can I keep?

It’s vital to understand what % of your earnings a webcamming website will charge you. Beware of automatically going for the lowest option. Many sites that charge ultra-low fees on earnings are scams. Generally, you can expect to pay at least 40-50% in fees for access to a platform with technology and billing services. Some sites charge much more than this.

Beware of webcamming sites that pay flat rates to members, but charge much higher rates to customers. This can make it hard to know what percentage of your earnings are coming to you.

  • Will I receive simple, regular payments?

All the best adult webcam sites will process payments for you. Your earnings won’t normally be available straight away. Instead, most sites will hold your funds in an account. Sometimes you can choose when to withdraw these funds; sometimes they’ll be transferred to you automatically on a set date each month.

Some webcamming websites pay funds direct into your bank account. Some sites offer alternative payment methods. Check how funds are processed before you start working on a webcamming platform. This way, you’ll know what to expect.

  • How will my funds be held?

You should also check whether funds in your account are held in $USD (or any other national currency). Some sites have their own ‘tokens’ or ‘coins’ that are converted into real money when you make a withdrawal. One token might not equal $1 – so this can make it harder to work out what’s in your account.

  • Will my identity and account details be private?

When you become a webcam model, protecting your privacy is important. The site you join should keep your details private from your customers. It should also be a secure (HTTPS) website. (To check this, look for the padlock icon next to your browser’s address bar.)

  • Does the company have a good reputation?

If you want to make money on webcam while avoiding the scams, then this last point is vital. Some webcam sites are famous and well-established. They have big communities of members and customers. Some are run by big, reputable companies in sectors like porn, adult chat, and telephone billing. Others are much smaller businesses – making it tough to know whether they’re trustworthy.

Tip: Even if a webcamming site is free to join, you’ll still need to provide ID and account details. Never sign up to a site you don’t trust.

Alternatives to Webcamming Sites

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of working on traditional webcamming sites. Some of these sites are scams, while others have a bad reputation for attracting timewasters. Joining an adult cams website will also expose you to competition from other webcam models – a lot of competition!

But there is an alternative way to make money from webcam that doesn’t involve working on a traditional camming site.

A New Way to Become a Webcam Girl – or Guy – or Whatever 😉

Premium.Chat is a paid chat billing solution. We built our platform to support anyone who wants to charge for text-based or video chat. You’re free to offer any (legal) service you want – including webcam sex.

There are two main ways to earn via Premium.Chat:

  1. The first (and simplest) way is to create a Premium.Chat profile listing your webcam services and fees. You can then share links to your profile across your social media accounts and on your porn channels (if you’ve set these up). The How To section of our blog includes guides on sharing links on all the big social media platforms.
  2. The second way is designed for more dedicated webcam models who are serious about building their own brand and taking their earnings to the next level. If you have your own website, you can add our chat widget directly. This will allow clients to pay you for webcam shows without ever leaving your site.

You can use either method – or both – to deliver your webcamming services.

Advantages of Premium.Chat

  • No sign-up fees (or monthly fees).
  • You keep between 60% and 80% of your earnings. (As you earn more, you get to keep a higher percentage.)
  • You can set your own fees.
  • We pay out monthly, by bank transfer or PayPal.
  • Your funds are held in $USD – there are no tokens or coins to convert.
  • Your details are never shared with clients, and our whole platform is protected by powerful encryption.
  • Premium.Chat is the sister company of – one of the largest and best-known providers of premium rate phone billing solutions, trading since 1997.

If you want to become a webcam model, why not try our chat billing platform out. It’s a simple, no-cost way to enter the industry.

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