How to Get Paid to Video Chat

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If getting paid to talk sounds like your dream job, then keep reading. Paid video chat is a niche that’s booming right now. And it’s surprising just how many ways there are to earn money with a fast internet connection and a webcam.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get paid to video chat. We’ll start by explaining how paid video chat works. Then we’ll explore the services you could offer. Finally, we’ll look at what kinds of apps or software you’ll need to get started.

Getting Paid to Talk: The Basics

As we write this (May 2020), the world is in lockdown. The Covid-19 pandemic has left people unable to get out and socialize. Millions of people’s careers and relationships have suffered.

Face-to-face meetings are off the table, so it’s no surprise that people are seeking alternative ways to connect – both personally and professionally. Paid chat is the perfect solution, and it comes in 3 main forms:

Pay-Per-Minute Phone Calls

Pay-per-minute phone calls were the traditional way to offer paid chat services. But many clients now prefer online platforms and apps.

  • Text-Based Chat

Text-based chat is a lot like having a WhatsApp conversation – with the bonus that you’re getting paid! It’s a great option if you value your privacy, but some clients expect more than just words on a screen.

Tip: If you prefer a text-based format, you might want to read our guide on how to make money by chatting online.

  • Paid Video Chat

If you want to maximize your appeal, paid video chat is the answer. Many clients will pay extra to see you on screen. And video chat also provides the reassurance that they’re actually talking to the person they think!

Video chat used to be slow and unreliable. Modern internet connections and better mobile connectivity have changed all that. Now, video chat is the go-to way to connect remotely.

Next, let’s take a look at the services you could offer.

Adult Video Chat

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Are you open-minded and adventurous? Adult video chat could be the right niche for you. You’ll need to start by deciding what you’re up for – light-hearted flirty chat, or something more explicit?

Keep in mind, even if you stay covered up, your clients will expect to chat about a range of topics. Fantasy chat services and roleplay are always popular. Some video chat operators define specific roleplay subjects – depending on what they’re comfortable with.

Control is important in the adult video chat niche. How much – or how little – control you have will depend on the platform you sign up to. Some adult video chat platforms give you total control over who you chat to – and what you chat about. Other platforms expect you to take all comers.

You should never do anything that leaves you feeling uncomfortable, unsafe, or compromised. If your adult chat platform doesn’t support you in that, then it could be time to switch.


A reliable internet connection and a webcam are both must-haves. And it goes without saying that you’ll need to be 18+ to offer adult chat services. Unless you share with some ultra-chill roommates, you’ll also need somewhere private to chat from. And did we mention that you’ll need an open mind? It counts for a lot in this industry!

Learn More: If you’re interested in adult video chat, you might want to read our guide on how to become a webcam model.

Online Video Consultations

Are you a professional looking to earn extra money on the side? Or maybe you have an untapped skill you’d like to monetize. Either way, delivering online consultations via paid video chat could be the answer.

Keep in mind that your side-hustle doesn’t need to be totally separate from your regular job. If you’re a self-employed professional, you could offer online video consultations as a flexible alternative to face-to-face meetings.

Alternatively, if you’re an employee, you could advertise your services privately, for out-of-hours online consultations. Either way, your professional credentials will act like a springboard and help you monetize your paid video chat services.

But what if you don’t have a profession? There are still many ways to get paid to video chat. Let’s explore some of the most popular options.

How Do I Get Paid for Giving Advice?

Even if you’re not employed in a professional role, you might still have an in-demand skill you can monetize. Online consultations are incredibly flexible, and can be used in almost every imaginable niche. Here’s a quick run-through of some of the most popular paid video chat services:

As you can see, many of these services don’t require formal qualifications. You could simply use your life skills or personal knowledge as the building blocks of your new side-hustle. Who knows, paid video chat might really take off for you, and you may never need a ‘regular’ job again!

How to Choose a Get Paid to Video Chat App

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There are hundreds of apps and websites claiming to offer work for people who want to get paid to video chat. Unfortunately, many of these are scams. They usually make their money by charging members a sign-up fee.

The best way to avoid the scams is to choose a video chat app that offers free sign-ups. Most trustworthy platforms will charge you a percentage of your profits instead. This way, you’ll only pay any fees once you’re successfully earning.

Keeping Control

It’s also important to keep control – especially if you’re working in the adult video chat niche. Any good get paid to video chat app will allow you to:

  • Set your own prices
  • Work as much – or as little – as you want
  • Offer services that you’re comfortable with
  • Choose which clients you work with

If you see an app advertised as a get paid to video chat app, you should check that it meets these criteria before signing up.

What is Premium.Chat?

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Premium.Chat is our own web-based paid video chat app. We don’t:

  • Charge sign-up fees
  • Tell our members which services they can provide
  • Tell our members how long they need to work for

Instead, we allow our members to:

  • Charge fees they’re comfortable with
  • Offer whichever services they choose
  • Set their own hours
  • Accept or decline chat requests
  • Build their own presence on social media – or via their own websites

Because Premium.Chat is a web-based video chat app, you can use it anywhere; from any device. There’s no need to install an app on your own phone, tablet, or computer. Instead, you can access our web app through your browser.

Now you know how to get paid to video chat, isn’t it time you gave it a go? Sign up for free or learn more about Premium.Chat.

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