Premium.Chat Launches Paid Video Chat Calling Feature to Support Remote Working


Premium.Chat Rolls Out Video Chat Calling Functionality in Response to the Covid-19-Triggered Surge in Remote Working

May 20, 2020 Greenvale, New York – Today sees the announcement of Premium.Chat’s new paid video calling functionality. The roll-out represents the most significant upgrade to the company’s web-based pay per minute chat app to date. It comes in response to a surge in demand for tech solutions that support remote working.

Speaking of the new functionality, Premium.Chat CEO Michael Szerencsy said: ‘Entrepreneurs, professionals, and freelancers of all kinds are changing the way they work in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The near-worldwide lockdown has caused a huge spike in demand for video chat, and video calling apps have never been more important to the global economy.’

But Szerencsy believes that popular video calling apps fail to meet the needs of professional users: ‘Standard apps don’t support billing – but that’s where Premium.Chat excels. Our members can set flat rates for a specified length of video call, or set their fees on a per-minute basis. We handle all aspects of billing, and credit funds directly to our members’ bank or PayPal accounts.’

With the wait for a Covid-19 vaccine expected to last until next year, the switch to remote working looks likely to last. Meanwhile, policy makers are under pressure to prioritize a green recovery, with a radical shift away from commuting and face-to-face meetings likely to trigger the whole-scale adoption of video calling.

This surge in remote working comes alongside a longer-term rise in freelancing. Back in October 2017, a landmark freelancing study ( boldly predicted that more than 50% of the US workforce would be freelance by 2027. It’s now expected that layoffs triggered by a global recession will make that prediction a reality far sooner than originally forecast.

About Premium.Chat: Premium.Chat is a paid chat and video chat billing platform that empowers members to effectively monetize their time. The web-based app is widely used by freelancers and professionals across a range of sectors – from professional consultants to adult chat providers, life coaches, psychics, and more. Premium.Chat recently expanded availability worldwide, and now serves a global user base. Learn more: Premium.Chat.


For immediate release: May, 20, 2020

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