How TikTok Influencers Make Money Giving Advice Online With Premium.Chat

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It’s no surprise that TikTok has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. The innovative and user friendly platform has attracted more than 800 million active users, making it a realm of opportunity for influencers just like you! TikTok describes it’s own mission as “to capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge, and precious life moments, directly from the mobile phone.” It’s no wonder, then, that influencers are using it as the perfect launch pad from which to give their followers advice. The short, sweet and simple video format allows TikTok influencers to dispense easily digestible bites of their unique insight – an addictive resource indeed!

If you are one of the TikTok influencers on the up-and-up, you will know that your followers often crave more. If your inbox is bombarded by DMs from fans who want your view on their own unique questions, why not consider monetizing your knowledge? More and more TikTok influencers are using Premium.Chat to connect with their loyal followers, while making sure that the value of their time is accounted for. If you haven’t claimed your piece of the influencer pie already, consider this: The influencer industry is growing so rapidly that is is expected to be worth a whopping $15 billion by 2022. If your TikTok content is drawing a crowd, make sure you leverage it into a real income. Now is the time!

Profiling TikTok Influencers Who Are Already Making Money With Premium.Chat

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Premium.Chat is an online platform that allows you to get paid to live chat with followers, either in simple text or video format. Not only that, but as an influencer, you can sign up with Premium.Chat for free! Here, we’ve profiled some of our favorite TikTok influencers who are getting paid to give advice to their TikTok fans. Check out what they are up to, and begin imagining what you could achieve with Premium.Chat!

1. Lebunny gives great #relationshipadvice and encouragement

Lebunny – @lebunny on TikTok

With sharp insights and a quick wit, Lebunny shares his engaging perspective on relationships, and a host of other cultural topics as a TikTok influencer. For fans who want to turn his astute observation to their own lives, he offers Quick Encouragement, Vent Sessions, and Relationship Advice for affordable fixed-rate fees on his Premium.Chat page!

Lebunny on Premium.Chat

2. Lina Sara is a master of #manifestation

Lina Sara – @linasaraloa on TikTok

Lina Sara warmly and expertly combines simple messages, relatable moments, and actionable advice for her followers. When her fans want to know more, they can connect with her on Premium.Chat via text based or video chat for longer sessions of up to 60 minutes.

3. Olive educates followers about the #lawofattraction

Olive – @__Olivee__ on TikTok

Olive exudes calm and confidence as she walks her TikTok followers through a variety of simple Law Of Attraction concepts. Her excellent delivery has drawn likes in the millions, and is perfectly supported with an offering for 25 minute one-to-one text chat sessions on her Premium.Chat page.

4. Clairvoyant Aya, aka piscesdoll, teaches #manifesting and more

Aya – @piscesdoll on TikTok

Aya matches her calm demeanour with soothing spiritual TikTok clips about manifestation and her broader clairvoyant skill set. In order to meet the huge demand she experiences for her insight, she chose to create a Premium.Chat profile. Here, she offers followers 15 or 30 minute fixed rate chat sessions, to discuss manifesting, law of attraction, and much more!

Aya / Pisces Doll on (@piscesdoll)

5. Star Alex helps fans find #confidence and gives #datingadvice

Star Alex @whosstaralex

Softly spoken fashion model and TikTok influencer Star Alex lights up screens with her positive attitude and affirming messages. Her videos range in topic from self love and confidence, to personal standards and dating advice! Having identified what her followers are longing to discuss with her, she has established a Premium.Chat service that allows fans to choose their topic ahead of time. They can start a live text chat session with her knowing exactly what to expect. Beyond her TikTok repertoire, she also offers coaching sessions on mastering social media growth and success. Now, that’s smart application of influencer know-how!

Star Alex on Premium Chat

6. Dating By Lion shares a man’s perspective, with daily #datingtipsforwomen

DatingByLion TikTok
@datingbylion on TikTok

There is nothing more universal than love, and TikTok influencer page Dating By Lion is the place for women who’d like a guy’s take on dating! Not only can followers discover clear-cut insights into the inner workings of the male mind but, via Premium.Chat, they can ask their individual burning questions too! Dating By Lion offers flat rate 20 minute text chat sessions in which clients can seek advice on their specific dating and/or relationship queries.

Premium Chat with 

Sign Up For Premium.Chat And Monetize Your Time As A TikTok Influencer!

Premium.Chat is entirely free to join – there are no sign-up fees or monthly costs to worry about. It’s a totally web based service, so you and your followers won’t need to download or install anything. You can make the platform your own, choosing how much you charge, when you want to be available, and whether to offer video or text based chat. We will take care of payment and security for you, so whenever you chat with a fan, your income is already secured, and your confidence assured! Premium.Chat only charges a small percentage fee from your incoming revenue, and not a cent more. This means that signing up is totally without risk or overheads. Learn more about how to get paid for chatting and giving advice, or sign up today and give Premium.Chat a try!

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