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Topping a world-wide revenue of one billion dollars last year, the life coaching industry is certainly going from strength to strength! Many life coaches are beginning to discover the fantastic advantages that charging for chat can bring. This is a powerful resource – especially when it comes to gaining a competitive edge. Discover what Premium.Chat’s text based chat service can do for you and your clients. It’s time to up your game!

The Life Coach Market Is Evolving

On Demand One-on-One Premium Chat is the most effective sales technique to bring in new paying clients

In a 24/7 online world, it’s becoming normal to expect the things we desire to be at our fingertips! The consultants, mentors and coaches that excel in the modern market are doing so by offering a parametered but consistent on-demand service. With Premium.Chat, this couldn’t be easier! Begin by embedding a Premium.Chat widget on the homepage of your website. Now, you can be on-hand for your clients when they need you! This user-friendly web-based service will allow you to provide great service, at home or on the go.

Not only is accessibility an important factor for the life coach of today. The way people are communicating has evolved too. Our lives are transitioning to greater and greater interconnectedness. Unsurprisingly, new research suggests that our communication preferences are also shifting. The millennial generation now favours text based chat as their go-to means to connect with others. Innovative lifestyle changes on the up, from digital currencies to online entrepreneurship. The life coaching industry must modernize if it is to keep up!

What Sets You Apart from Other Life Coaches?

On Demand Coaching converts browsers into buyers, and gives your clients the opportunity to act without hestitation.

The International Coach Federation, at last count, estimated that there are over 53,000 life coaches active globally. More than 17,000 were found to be practicing in the US alone. The scale of the industry is exciting, but these stats also indicate a highly competitive market! Providing the level of service that will allow you to stand out as a life coach means honing your skill. It means marketing wisely and meeting the high expectation of today’s clients. Whether your niche market is ambitious professionals, those seeking self-improvement, or clients with a goal set in their sights, Premium.Chat will allow you to empower them with far greater efficiency.

Leverage the power of our innovative technology to give you a competitive advantage by providing a simple to use on-demand Premium Chat service to your clients. Build your reputation as a cutting-edge life coach in the online market! Whether you offer face-to-face consultations to your clients, or operate purely in the virtual realm, a paid chat service can boost your revenue stream and boost the life time value of every new client you acquire that chats with you. As a life coach, you encourage your clients to expand their comfort zones and achieve new levels of success. By offering an on-demand chat service, your clients will be able to reach out to you in those crucial moments. With newfound confidence that their life coach is a few clicks away, watch your clients become emboldened!

Define Your Style With Effortless Customization

You may personalize your Premium.Chat profile page and send visitors from your social media pages and/or website to it.

Signing up to Premium.Chat is convenient and risk-free. With no sign-up fees or monthly costs to worry about, you can experiment with the service. You will quickly arrive at a perfect strategy. With your new account created, you only need a few minutes to customize your very own chat widget. Create your Premium.Chat offering, and choose your color scheme, to fit with your own unique marketing style. Nobody knows your clients better than you do, so you can sell your services exactly as you see fit.

Once your widget is ready for action, you can embed it in your website, and share your Premium.Chat profile on all of your social media platforms. The key to great marketing is to be visible, memorable, and to offer a beautifully composed message for the world! The more easily your clients can find your Premium.Chat service, the faster you can begin making money by chatting online.

It’s Easy To Provide The Convenience Of Chat

With Premium.Chat your clients can start a Life Coaching session right from your website using the widget code that you copy and paste to your site.
You can also use your Premium.Chat profile link to quickly send to your followers, and clients on social media and email. Starting a paid chat with you is simple.

Premium.Chat takes all the nitty-gritty out of being an online life coach. Billing will be handled entirely on your behalf, so you won’t have to worry about chasing up payments. Clients can save their credit card details for next time, and your revenue will wend it’s way to you monthly. You’ll simply need to set up your transfer information! You have total autonomy to define your schedule with Premium.Chat. Turn your availability on and off as you like, or setting up a handy schedule that does this for you.

Whenever someone wants to chat you will be notified both by SMS and email, allowing you to respond quickly. Because Premium.Chat is web-based, you can use any device, anywhere, at any time! There is no software to download, or frustrating installations to wait through. The founding team behind Premium.Chat are veterans in the Pay Per Call industry. They pride themselves on understanding the needs of their growing and diverse customer base.

Build Your Customer Relationships With Premium.Chat

With Premium.Chat you can choose how you charge – either operating a fixed fee chat service or charging by the minute. For the newly introduced coaching client, a per-minute approach is a great asset. Allow them to get to know you before they take the plunge as a more substantial client. Your role is all about establishing trust, after all. Your clients lean in to the guidance you offer, and share their aspirations with the hope of greater success. A paid chat service is the perfect vehicle for laying the foundations of a great customer–life coach relationship. You can demonstrate your skill, and show your clients that long-term collaboration is going to be a transformative investment!

Adding Premium Chat to your Social Media or Website is simple and effective

It’s important to give your clients, and followers easy access to contact you. By linking your Premium.Chat profile to your social media accounts they are just a few clicks away from paying to chat with you! Offering On-Demand services have become a much more popular, and profitable way to attract new customers than traditional scheduling which may or may not happen. Payments processing is all taken care for you automatically by our billing platform so you’ll never have to worry about dealing with credit or debit cards.

Discover more about Premium.Chat’s world-class system, and sign up for your free Premium.Chat account today. Offer a service that is perfectly aligned with modern communication trends, and watch your client volume increase. If you are as delighted with the service as we think you will be, consider taking advantage of Premium.Chat’s two-tier referral program, to elevate your income even higher! Be a life coach for the next generation with this fantastic text based chat service.

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