7 Reasons to Add a Chat Paywall to your Website and Social Media

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If you are looking for ways to expand your online empire or starting out with a great idea and goals in mind, adding a chat paywall to your website may be just the tactic you’re looking for. A on-demand paid chat service is a convenient way to offer excellent value to your customers, while increasing your own revenue. Beat your competition to the punch by adding this on-the-pulse feature to your website today.

1. Because Your Time Is Valuable

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Any successful business or venture will have struck a balance when it comes to time in, versus reward out. When considering your own ambition, ask yourself how your own scales of success are loaded. Are you using your time efficiently? Are you losing too much time on menial tasks that don’t contribute to your bottom line?

As you establish an enterprise of your very own, try to be aware of the effectiveness of your strategies. By monetizing your time with a chat paywall, you can cut out the necessity for back-and-forths arranging scheduled chats or appointments, and serve your customers exactly when they need you, for a fee that reflects your talents.

2. Because Chatting Is Becoming the Most Popular Way to Communicate

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Human interaction is evolving quickly, and businesses that get left behind may find themselves wondering what they missed! Thanks to apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger, people are more comfortable chatting than ever. Millennials consider text based chatting the best way to communicate, and everyone else isn’t far behind.

The great thing about chatting is that it is informal and can be done from anywhere. Providing your clients with a chat paywall will mean that they can employ your services from any environment, whether they are home or on the go. Chatting offers a casual, convenient mode of communication. Your clients will be able to focus on what they want to tell or ask you, and you will be able to focus on sharing your knowledge in an unfettered way.

3. Because Premium.Chat Saves You The Hassle Of Billing And Accounting

Whether you are a consultant or a guru, a tutor or a therapist, you may have already faced the challenge of keeping track of payments. Staying on top of who has paid, and who hasn’t, is frustrating. It can be a headache that sucks even more of your valuable time away from you! Thankfully, with a platform like Premium.Chat in your arsenal, you won’t have to waste another moment on balancing your books.

The payments from all clients who reach out through your chat widget will be handled by Premium.Chat for you. Customers can safely store their credit card details to save time in the future. For each chat session you initiate, you can be confident knowing that the payment is already secured, and you can focus on doing the great work that you do.

4. Because An On-Demand Service Makes Choosing You Easier and Quicker

Have you ever lingered over the idea of buying something, only to be put off by the effort involved? Perhaps there’s a huge waiting list, or perhaps the thing you desire is too far away. In these moments, we have the drive to invest in something we truly desire, but something acts as a barrier and stops us.

The fantastic thing about a chat paywall is that the service paid for is instantly received. This eliminates that on-the-fence moment in which a would-be customer can be lost. If your social media subscribers or website visitors want to engage your service, all they have to do is click!

5. Because There Aren’t Enough Hours in The Day

For social media influencers, and experts with a substantial following, it is easy to get bogged down by endless direct messages. That your fans or followers want to connect with you is a wonderful thing, but there are only so many hours in the day. It is hard to sift through and find genuinely engaged and valuable clients amongst swathes of meandering contact requests.

This challenge can be easily navigated by adding a chat paywall. Your Premium.Chat widget can be embedded in your website and shared wherever you appear online. Because clients are investing in your time, you can maintain a balance, and trade your valuable skill or perspective. With firm but friendly boundaries, your following will know what to expect when they want to interact with you.

6. Because Your Client List Can Be Global

Many traditionally in-person professions are now making the leap to online work. If you historically saw clients face to face, you were likely limited to a local audience. With a chat paywall on your website, your potential client list can be world wide! Take the virtual plunge and experiment with consulting in chat format.

By stepping away from the real-world meeting, you also eliminate the need to maintain a suitable location for appointments. You won’t have to dress to impress or cover daily travel costs. These financial savings can boost your income or be passed on to your customers. The choice is yours!

7. Because It Will Allow You The Flexibility To Define Your Own Life

Have you always hated the 9-5? With Premium.Chat you will create your own schedule and sculpt the life that you desire! You may be juggling a family or providing a chat paywall to fit around other professional commitments. These factors are no problem when you can turn your chat availability on or off at any time or set a fixed timetable to your own specific needs.

A chat paywall will allow you to work from the comfort of your own home, or from literally any location in which you find yourself. Because the premium chat widget is entirely web based you can access it from any device. There’s no need to download any software – you will receive an email or SMS notification when someone wants to chat – and all you have to do is login and go!

With no sign-up fees, and no monthly charges, trying out the Premium.Chat platform is risk free. You have nothing to lose, and revenue to gain! Start by signing up for free, and creating your own chat widget. A chat paywall may be just the boost required to take your business to the next level!

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