How to Earn with Paid Per Minute Live Video Calls

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Face-to-face meetings feel like relics from the past. People are seeking safer, greener, and more convenient alternatives. Many experts view live video calls as the future.

There’s a great opportunity here to earn money. Paid video calls are the perfect way to monetize all kinds of services – ranging from adult chat to professional consultations. But charging clients for video calls or consultations can be awkward and time consuming.

The answer is to use a pay per minute chat app that supports paid video calls. In this article, we’ll start by looking at how these apps can benefit a range of users. Then we’ll explain how easy the solution is to use.

What is a Paid Video Call app?

A paid video chat app that charges users based on the amount of time they spend in a chat session is often referred to as a “pay per minute” video chat app. In this model, users pay a rate per minute for their video chat sessions, with the fee calculated based on the total duration of the call. The app typically uses some form of payment system, such as a credit card or digital payment platform, to process the charges for the video chat sessions. This type of app provides a premium video chat service for users who are looking for a more customized and higher-quality video chat experience.

Who Can Get Paid to Video Call?

Paid video calls are used by professionals in a range of niches. Here are some of the most common use cases:

Of course, these examples only cover a small percentage of the professionals using paid per minute live video calls to monetize their time. Anyone who offers consultations or paid chat services of any kind can benefit from this innovative solution.

Key Advantages of Charging for Video Calls

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many people to embrace video calling. But the key advantages have been clear for a lot longer. Here are the main advantages of video calling:

  1. Cost saving: Live video calls cut out the need to entertain clients in person – or maintain high-end business premises.
  2. Time saving: Traveling between meetings is a time trap that any professional should seek to avoid.
  3. Eco-friendly: Traveling has a heavy carbon footprint that can easily be avoided by switching to video calls.
  4. Popular: Customers and clients increasingly demand the convenience of video calls.

Why Using a Free Video Chat App is not a great idea

It can be difficult to know how to begin offering paid video calls. Many people automatically use a free video chat app for consultations, then attempt to bill clients later. But this presents a range of issues:

  • Refusal to pay: In a worst-case scenario, a client may simply refuse to pay. This isn’t as rare as it might seem, and offering certain services on a pay-later basis is asking for trouble.
  • Disputes over price: Sometimes, a live video call can run longer than expected. This can lead to a dispute over whether the client should pay for the additional time.
  • Privacy and security: Sharing payment details can present issues with privacy and security. This is especially true for adult video chat providers.

Billing clients later often leads to problems, but there is a better alternative.

Pay Per Minute Consulting on Video

Instead of setting flat rates for video consulting or chat, why not adopt a different model – one that will reward you for the exact amount of time you spend with each client?

Pay per minute consulting is a fairer way to charge for your services. Each client pays a fee based on the length of their consultation. And if that consultation overruns, the client pays more. Simple!

Pay per minute consulting isn’t just for professional consultants. The same billing method works perfectly for anyone who offers any kind of live video call service. It also makes life simpler if you work regularly with a variety of clients – especially if you don’t automatically trust all those clients to pay what they owe for your time.

Your current choice of video call app probably won’t support this innovative billing model. Fortunately, there is an alternative.

How Our Premium Live Video Call App Works

Premium.Chat is a powerful web-based solution. (That means there’s no need for you to download an app – or force your clients to do the same. And there are no compatibility issues if your clients use different devices to yours.) Here’s a step-by-step guide to how it works:

  1. You can start by signing up to our platform (it’s completely free to join).
  2. Next, you can create a profile on Premium.Chat. If you have your own website, another option is to install our chat widget. It’s easy and fast – you just need to copy and paste a few lines of code. You can even style the widget to suit the theme of your site!
  3. You have the power to set your own fees and create an availability schedule. You can set different rates for text-based chat and paid per minute live video. You’re even free to choose flat fees, if you prefer – whatever works.
  4. If you’ve set up a Premium.Chat profile, you can share links with your clients. Sharing links on social media is a great way to market yourself and pull in a wide range of customers. Alternatively, you may prefer to send links to select clients via private messages.
  5. Clients simply click the ‘Let’s Chat Now’ button on your profile or widget to start a chat.
  6. You’ll receive an email and SMS notification that a client is waiting. You just need to log in to begin a text chat or live video call.
  7. We handle the billing: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover are all catered for. Clients are billed on a per-minute or flat-rate basis – according to the option you’ve selected.
  8. You’ll receive between 60 and 80% of your call revenue. (Our low fees are set between 20 and 40%. The more you earn on our platform, the lower the percentage we’ll charge you.)

Get Started Now, and Start Earning on your Video Calls Today!

Our web-based solution makes it easy to get paid to video call your clients, and we support a full range of uses, from adult chat to pay per minute consulting.

Whatever niche you’re in, why not sign up for free and get started now?

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