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In today’s fast paced world, customers expect speedy solutions. The time has come to adopt new technology, and shake off outdated approaches! As customer expectations become on the one hand more advanced, the expectation that your service will be personal and tailored has never been higher. Simultaneously, as we face a world-wide economic down-turn off the back of the Covid-19 crisis, the need to hone a competitive edge is ever more pressing. Thankfully, Premium.Chat’s freshly launched web-based premium video app is ready to help you tick every single one of those boxes – while ensuring reward for your valuable time. Read on to discover how video chat can help you take your brand to the next level.

Delivering Swift Solutions On A Moment By Moment Basis

Whatever your skill or expertise, you cannot be in all places at once. A premium video app will allow your clients to turn to you when they need you most – ensuring that you never miss that moment to shine. Whether you want to consult with every communicative faculty tuned in, provide technical support, or deliver a high-caliber customer service experience, you can come no closer to face-to-face service than with video chat. Not only that, but with Premium.Chat you can serve more customers, reaping the maximum reward for your time. Cut out travel time and costs, and simply focusing on the task at hand. Whenever your clients need you, you can deliver the immediate support they dream of with just a few clicks.

Exceeding Expectations In Terms Of A Personal Touch

Live chat has become the customer service trend of the new decade, providing the highest customer service satisfaction rate at 92%. Progress never loses stride, however, and the expectations of today’s consumers continue to grow and evolve. According to research from 99Firms, despite the youthful nature of this kind of service, live chat customer satisfaction has already begun to drop over the last few years. As our embrace of technology becomes more discerning, customers aspire to a more personal touch, fronted by real people – in the mix with all that high-tech sophistication. There is no easier way to provide your customers with the human contact they seek than with live action video chat! Our web-based premium video app will assist you in providing excellent value to your client base, while enhancing customer service experiences. Improve the quality of your customer onboarding, and provide precision support with a smile!

Reinforce Customer Retention, So Your Competitors Don’t Get A Look-In

As businesses up their games in order to increase their relevance in the face of economic uncertainty, customer retention becomes a vital survival strategy. This makes now the time to provide your audience with a new and improved customer experience. The world of eCommerce provides some valuable pointers that can be applied to all sorts of businesses – those who already operate online, and those who are only just making the jump to virtual. Hubspot recently revealed that online consumers expect a response from customer support within 10 minutes or less. Your client pool desire access to convenient, instant and honest information, with a focus on getting results delivered. Why not leap ahead of your competition by making your own professional offering one that is both instant-access and in-person? Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

How To Get Started With Premium.Chat

Premium.Chat’s live video chat service is web based, which makes it unbeatably versatile. While other chat apps call for download and installation, your Premium.Chat service will be accessible for anyone, anywhere, via any device. Getting started with video chat is entirely free, with no sign-up fees or monthly charges to worry about. The only fees you will pay are a small percentage of your Premium.Chat sales, so incorporating video chat into your brand offering is entirely risk free. Creating your account takes mere minutes, and from there you can easily and quickly set up your premium video app offering. Your pricing structure is your own to decide, with options to set by-the-minute fees, or a fixed fee per chat session.

Customize a video chat widget to embed on your website, or share easy-to-follow links with your customers, and on social media. Create your own automated schedule, or turn your video chat availability on and off as your working day unfolds. Put worries of invoicing clients or managing video chat income out of your mind as Premium.Chat will take care of everything for you. Whenever a client wants to chat, we will secure payment before video connection begins, via our safe and secure payment system. You will then receive a notification, and can decide whether or not you want to proceed. Finally, you can see your revenue accumulate in our comprehensive user reports, and will receive your earnings in a reliable monthly pay-out. Fundamentally, providing video chat with Premium.Chat will allow you to increase your bottom line while raising the bar of your customer experience. Leave your competitors in the dust, and get started with Premium.Chat today!

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