Launch Your Online Counseling Service: How Professional Therapists and Social Workers Are Using Premium.Chat

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Are you a Therapist or Social worker hoping to take the leap into offering counseling online? If so, you’re not alone – but you are undoubtedly at the forefront of a budding wellness revolution! Recent economic shifts, alongside fantastic new technological innovations, are inspiring all sorts of professionals to re-imagine the way they serve their clients. This is certainly true for adaptive and forward thinking counselors, who are seeing the potential to be harnessed in offering their services online. Premium.Chat is lighting a path and facilitating this trend with a platform that allows virtual entrepreneurs to deliver real value from the comfort of home! Discover a resource that can help you build a personal brand – and a thriving online business – providing online counseling and therapy services in the way that suits you and your customers best. Connect with a larger pool of potential clients, and meet their therapeutic needs as never before.

The World Is Going Virtual, From “Retail Therapy” To Real Therapy

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The trend for all things virtual has seen a speedy ascension in new ways to communicate, socialize, and access what we need online. The means by which people connect has transitioned – with Millennials and Gen Z now preferring to text, over any other medium of communication. In the mean time, video calling has been embraced by business in a big way, with 80% of employees using video calling for meetings. Not to mention the soaring popularity of virtual cocktail hour! This is hardly surprising when we recognize that video allows for the full spectrum of human cues. Such an embrace of modern technology has opened a wonderful window of opportunity for those who provide a one-on-one service – the convenience of being able to attain such services from a familiar and convenient environment.

In fact, these days we can find just about anything online, from our weekly groceries to a life-coach or tutor. Becoming a part of this evolution is a natural fit for counselors, providing new advantage for both counselors and clients alike. For you, as a therapist or counselor, imagine transforming your professional experience by having the flexibility to choose when you work, and no longer needing to travel to and from the office. Discover greater freedom to be flexible – as out-of-hours appointments become as simple as briefly retreating behind a door at home, rather than being away from your family. Fundamentally, when working virtually, you can enjoy the luxury of sculpting your working life, while offering an enhanced service to those you help every day.

Dispelling Barriers To Mental Health Therapy With Online Counseling

As a therapist, you will be aware of the potential pitfalls that all-to-often interrupt a successful treatment path. Consumers, who may be seeking therapy for the first time in their lives, face far less intimidation when consulting via video, as opposed to at a clinic or studio location. Premium.Chat facilitates a pairing of both video and text based chat – for those who wish to use both – allowing counselors to tailor their offering to suit each unique client. Whats more, because Premium.Chat can be used on any device, clients and counselors are free to connect from wherever they may be, as the moment arises. In essence, the platform was created with potential in mind, meaning that you can create the online counseling service that you want to offer, in whatever form that may take.

Clients facing chronic health issues or social anxiety often rely on online communication, and access to online counseling can offer equal grace. Younger generations who are now adept and accustomed to interacting virtually are also empowered to seek support. Meanwhile, the rise of so-called “telehealth” services – a term which encompasses counseling online – is helping to normalize a pro-active attitude to mental health, and the reduction of stigma around seeking help in the first place. Finally, virtual counseling also offers an ideal stepping stone for those who may later transition into real-world clients. Again – the way that you use the resource is entirely up to you!

How Does Premium.Chat Work?

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Councelors taking their talent online with Premium.Chat join a wide spectrum of professionals – ranging from business consultants to wellness experts, and many more – who are establishing a virtual destination for their customer base. The platform provides a user-friendly way for you to connect with clients, and conveniently handles all billing on your behalf. Signing up to use Premium.Chat for your online counseling service is entirely free, and there are no monthly costs. In fact, the only fee is a small percentage from your secured Premium.Chat revenue, so you are destined to be always in profit!

Premium.Chat is totally web based, so there is no need for you or your clients to download or install anything. As mentioned earlier, it can be used on any device, so offers easy connection whether at home at your desk, or out and about with your smartphone. Once signed up, you simply need to create your online counseling profile, and define your offering – specifying text and/or video availability, how much you want to charge per minute, or a fixed fee per session if that better fits your needs. You can create as many different offering formats as you wish, depending on the spectrum of counseling services you aim to provide. If you wish to pre-define your availability, you can create an automated schedule too!

An Array Of Features To Help You Build Your Brand

You can use your Premium.Chat profile as a stand-alone landing page, sharing your link via email, or on social media. Alternatively, if you have your own website, take advantage of Premium.Chat’s outstanding widgets! In a simple process that takes only a few minutes, you can create and customize a chat widget that can be embedded right into the page of your website. This means that clients can pay for and initiate their counseling session without navigating away – creating a highly professional and convenient user experience. Premium.Chat  provides this feature for all, at no additional cost!

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Premium.Chat’s comprehensive analytics and reporting tools allow you to monitor your success, and keep track of your earnings. Never again experience time-consuming hours of following up with clients who are behind on paying their bills. Instead, focus on doing what you do best – helping others – while enjoying confidence that your earnings are accumulating. With growing success, experience reliable monthly payouts, either by direct deposit or via PayPal. Is your curiosity piqued? Learn more about Premium.Chat, explore the FAQs, or simply get started today, and experience what the platform can offer for yourself!

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