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Today we face a crisis that could well rival, if not far exceed, that which struck in 2008. With the wave of economic damage yet to break and recede, we also face disruption to our ability to deliver services as we have in the past. As bleak as all of this might sound, life’s proverbial lemons are sometimes unavoidable! For today’s businesses, those who sink, and those who find a comfortable spot on the beach with a tall glass of lemonade, will be largely dictated by the ability to adapt and reinvent. In this area, Premium.Chat is thrilled to be able to offer solutions that can ease the burden on your business today.

Imagine clients being able to reach you in person from wherever they are, from any device. Imagine the quality of service that you can provide via live video feed, and the confidence your virtual presence will inspire. By incorporating our premium video chat service into your business repertoire you can not only weather the Covid-19 storm with relative ease, but evolve into a market-leading brand that is ready for the post pandemic world that will follow.

Establish Your Virtual Domain And Don’t Miss A Beat

In the face of limitations and uncertainty, developing new contingency plans is fast becoming a must. For some, this may mean re-inventing a local business offering and mastering how to earn money online. For others, this will mean broadening brand appeal to offset reduced customer spending within their industry. In either case, premium video chat can serve in a spectrum of different ways.

Each and every customer interaction that would have been traditionally made face-to-face can be seamlessly replaced with premium video chat – neutralizing the negative impact of social distancing. For aspirational professionals or brands, offering your customers the chance to video chat live can provide a fresh and rewarding experience. Enhance your appeal by giving your audience direct access to your knowledge, insight, and unique proposition. Provide in-the-moment assistance from wherever you are, beaming directly into the homes and businesses of those who need it most!

What Consumers Expect Is Changing, And We Should Expect These Shifts To Be Permanent

Changes in behavior – due to health concerns, or enforced under lockdown – mean that many are consuming and interacting in new ways. In truth, these shifts had already begun, with pre-pandemic research from EConsultancy revealing that 79% of consumers favor live chat interactions to more traditional forms of communication. Our reduced movement has now accelerated such transitions, driving businesses to adopt video conferencing as a go-to tool. Brands are also seeking new ways to enhance the personal aspect of the customer service they provide.

As we all get more and more comfortable with communicating via screen, we can expect this to become the new normal. With Premium.Chat, you can make accessing your service simple and convenient, with the on-the-pulse value that only video can provide. The business landscape is changing across all industries and sectors, so choose to master how to make money online now, and be among the next generation of strong and resilient businesses.

Harness Premium Video Chat To Make Your Offering More Versatile And Efficient

Whether your business serves in a B2C or B2B capacity, the fundamentals are the same. Results must be delivered, projects must progress, and quality must be maintained – even in the face of crisis. Increase your versatility by taking your business virtual. Expand your potential audience to any geographical location, going national, or even global! Multiply your efficiency to removing the need to travel between meetings or work locations. With premium video chat, all time spent working can be on the clock. This means greater value for your customers, and increased profitability for you!

How Does Premium Video Chat Work?

With Premium.Chat, incorporating live video interaction could not be simpler, or more financially secure. You can choose how much to charge for your premium video chat service, and whether to bill by the minute, or on a per-video-call basis. You can set your own schedule, or switch your availability on and off as you go. When a customer wants to start a live video chat session with you, we will secure their payment before you even get started. You won’t have to worry about chasing payments or juggling invoices. Your earnings will be in-the-pocket, so to speak, with comprehensive reporting, and reliable monthly pay-outs for your ultimate convenience!

Many businesses will be exploring new avenues with caution – not wishing to compromise their already stretched budgets. While other video chat providers demand sign-up and subscription fees from their users, Premium.Chat are proud to ask for neither. The only thing you will ever pay will be a small percentage of your actual Premium.Chat sales. So, moving into the world of premium video chat with us is entirely risk free! Premium.Chat is fully web based, so you won’t need to download and install anything, and neither will your customers. You can provide them with an easy-to-follow link, or even embed a chat widget on your website. If you are on the hunt for innovation in terms of how to make money online, Premium.Chat offers just the solution your business needs. Learn more about our premium video chat service, and sign up for free to begin building your future success right away!

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