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Buckle your seat belts, and get ready to earn by chatting with your followers, fans and clients on social media and your website!

The Live Chat Billing Platform that pays you to chat

Premium.Chat provides you with the best opportunity to get paid by chatting by the minute with people on any particular topic chosen by you. The convenience is all for you because you select your own preferred time, topic, and fees. Just promote your offer, and people will approach through your Chat Plugin Widget or your website, and give out your Premium.Chat profile link on your social media accounts for maximum exposure.

This is a great opportunity to earn at any time and at any place. You can earn by chatting on your desktop or laptop computer or mobile phone. This is a user friendly system as it provides you with convenience and you can easily access it with your available resources. You do not have to go out and buy anything else for its accessibility and usability.

It’s easy to get paid to chat

There is no startup cost needed for its access. You may simply go to the ‘Get Started for Free’ button for the access, and get setup in aproximately 3 minutes. Premium.Chat makes sure that your profile is 100% secure and your personal details are not shared by any third or unknown party. This live chat billing platform encourages you to save your valuable time and invest it to earn and achieve something. In short, time is the only investment that you need, but this investment brings really quick, efficient and positive results.

What is the procedure to get paid per minute for chat?

Understanding the fact that your time is valuable, Premium Chat provides you with the perfect live chat billing platform to help you monetize your expertise in your particular field so you can sharing it with others for a price through chatting. It’s designed to turn chat into a lucrative revenue stream. You don’t have to sit around like traditional chat software which can waste time. Our platform notifies you when you have a Live Chat request by SMS and email. So you can take your chat sessions and still get paid even while you’re on your mobile device. You’ll have 5 minutes to respond.

Set your Topic, Description & Price for your Chat

There is no need get on live cam for online video streaming to earn, you just chat. This is a text chat which you will be handling by yourself, and you will be have all the control. The best part is that you don’t need to download any App to use it. You just need to create your profile through ‘Premium.Chat’. You can choose your own topics and customize them according to your preference and start chatting about it.

Premium.Chat provides its users with a brand new source of revenue that is virtually untapped today

Premium.Chat is a platform which provides with a golden opportunity to individuals and even small and large companies to earn money by the minute, or on a flat rate basis. Premium.Chat pays you through a direct deposit to your bank account or by PayPal on the 10th of every month.

So, don’t further delay and start earning with chat – through our feature rich chat billing platform today!

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