Promote Yourself Like A Pro: Premium.Chat Tips And Techniques To Make You More Money

tips to make more money

Follow these 7 cardinal rules exactly, and continously – you will have the potential to make alot of money with Premium Chat.

Just like any online business, the key to soaring success with Premium.Chat is promotion, promotion, promotion! Your goal is to make sure that every single individual out there who would go wild for the service you offer knows exactly who you are, and how to find you. Luckily, the perfect tools are already at your disposal. Modern social media means that anyone can build and leverage a following, so long as they know how to go about it the right way!

Whether you are just getting started with Premium.Chat, or are wondering how to kick things up a notch, we’ve put together a handy guide to promoting yourself like a pro. Follow these tips and techniques to drive up traffic to your Premium.Chat service, and watch your income start to grow!

Be consistent and post often so people see your Premium.Chat profile link and it will create a domino effect of lots of paid chats!

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You might imagine that posting your chat service once is enough, but you’d be wrong! You don’t want to bombard your fans – and that’s understandable – but it’s important to recognize that social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook don’t show your followers everything that you post. This is because these kinds of websites are ruled by algorithms that choose who sees what, and when. In fact, recent research indicates that only around 10% of your followers will see each post that you create. For Influencers with vast followings, this number can shockingly drop as low as 2%!

Facebook Post Example with Premium.Chat Profile Link

So, put aside any concerns you have about being too pushy, and be bold about sharing the fantastic chat experience that you can provide. You need to think in terms of knowing that you’re going to have to send 10-50 posts out into the ether to ensure that everyone’s got the message! After all, major brands post once or twice a day on Facebook and Instagram, and potentially dozens of times each day on Twitter. This means it’s time to get serious about coming up with really catchy tag lines for your new posts. Plus, choose eye-catching images to make each chat-related post extra appealing, and welcome in those social media feeds!

Yes, Images And Captions Are That Important

Think about your own habits when you scroll on social media. What makes the kind of post that you stop to read or click on distinctive from all the others? In the virtual realm, we each learn to size things up really quickly, and form opinions in just a few seconds. This makes an epic picture or intriguing sentence absolute gold for promoting yourself! Make sure images are high quality, relevant to your chat topic, and something that your unique fans will truly enjoy.

For the caption or tag line, try to entice your followers by highlighting their needs, and how you will meet them.

For example, if you are a life coach, you might go with:

Do you feel like the life of your dreams is just out of reach? Come and chat with me on Premium.Chat, and we’ll unlock how to free your potential! Here’s the link to chat with me privately:

For an influencer, a great post might be something along the lines of:

I’m having so much fun chatting with you guys on Premium.Chat. If you haven’t found my private chat yet, come on over and introduce yourself! Here’s my link to chat with me:

Be creative, be friendly, and show the world that they can’t afford not to chat with you! For more guidance, check out more tips on How to write Instagram Captions that improve engagement.

Harness Social Media Tools To Take Things Even Further

Link in bio – The link to your Premium.Chat page – or to your website with it’s super-slick Premium.Chat widgets – should always be proudly on display. Aside from posting regular prompts to chat, you can also add that link to your social media bios. That way, anyone can find it with maximum ease! This rule of thumb goes for your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter profiles, as well as any other social media sites you use. Your paid chat service will always be just an easy click away.

Add your Premium.Chat Profile Link to your Bio on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok

Pinned posts – It’s worth knowing that Instagram offers some extra resources to tap into. Don’t forget that you can pin posts at the top of your Instagram page, adding another dimension of visibility to your chat service.
Here is a great guide on best practices and instructions on Pinning a Facebook post, and a Twitter tweet.

Swipe up – Stories on both Instagram and Facebook act as a different vehicle for highlighting what you do – some users of these sites spend more time viewing stories than scrolling, so it’s important not to skip over! You can post a story about your chat service, remembering to write “link in bio”. If you’ve got more than 10K followers on Instagram, you can also make the most of the Swipe Up feature, linking to your Premium.Chat profile link page or website directly!

Add your Premium.Chat Link to your stories and drive lots of traffic for people to pay to chat with you!

Do Reply To The Social Media DMs You Receive

This one might seem counter-intuitive, but wading through all of those DMs is going to be a valuable time investment. Of course the idea here is not to chat to people on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even TikTok, but their message in your inbox does offer a perfect opportunity to promote your Premium Chat service by sending them your Premium.Chat profile link. Each time someone tries to initiate chat with you on social media, you are going to send back a polite and friendly response – linking to your chat page! You can even create a generic message, and copy and paste it each time.

do this

You might respond with:

Thanks for getting in touch! I don’t answer DMs here, but you can always reach me on my Premium.Chat. Click my link to start chatting, and we can discuss whatever is on your mind!

How to choose the perfect message will come down to your understanding of your audience. Once again, tempt them by highlighting what you have to offer, and why chatting is going to be a brilliant addition to their day!

instagram dm request
Instagram DM request

Don’t forget to check your message requests – especially on Facebook, which doesn’t always give notifications – so that potential customers can’t slip through the net! Create a ritual of firing back a simple invitation to all new DMs a few times a week, and watch followers transform into paying customers!

facebook message request
Instagram DM requests

Don’t get Drawn Into Messaging For Free

It’s vital to be unwaveringly strict with yourself, if your chat business is to shoot for the sky. Don’t reply to your fans on social media, after sending them to your paid chat service – no matter how persistent they are! As soon as you start to respond, you will have lost the opportunity to not only secure the first sale, but potentially many more after that. Trust in yourself – the chat service you are providing is worthy of payment – not to mention, your time is valuable! Remember that you can block anyone who is abusive, and you only have to chat with the people you want to. Be totally consistent: provide a great chat experience when real followers do convert, and build your reputation in a way that pays!

Post At Just The Right Times

For different types of chat services, you will no doubt find that you get a better response at certain times of day, and different points in the week. For example, a business consultant will probably get the best response when he posts about his chat offering on week days, during office hours. In contrast, someone offering psychic chat might benefit more from posts shared at the weekend, when followers have more free time on their hands. The key here is to pay attention to your social media analytics, and learn how to reap a bigger reward for your efforts! If you hate spending more time behind a computer than you need to, look into social media scheduling tools. With these, you can set up all your posts for the week on a Monday, and then sit back and let them roll out automatically! Here is a handy article about the best time to post on social media.

Keep Your Profiles Tidy To Make A Great Impression

You’ll want to feel confident that anyone stumbling across your social media profile for the first time doesn’t think you’re only about the hard sell. The simple way to do this is to take down old promotional posts on a regular basis, as new ones go out! This means that if someone scrolls down your Instagram page, or checks out your Facebook albums, your promo posts will be balanced with the other content you share. In this way, you can ensure a professional and appealing social media presence that pushes new clients right into your arms! Mastering these tactics means making great strides as a paid chat entrepreneur. Project a great impression, and see your online career take flight!

If you’re curious to explore Premium.Chat further, check out our FAQs. If you’re new here, welcome! We invite you to sign up for free and start getting paid to chat today!

Want more info on making the most money from your Premium.Chat account? Check out this helpful resource: Your Guide to Being Successful on Premium.Chat.

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