How to add your profile link to your Facebook account

Getting your Premium.Chat account verified and running so you can start earning from your Instagram followers is easy.

  1. Get your Premium.Chat Profile URL ready – make sure you know it.

If you don’t know what your Premium.Chat profile page URL is then go to your Premium.Chat Dashboard, and click on the “See Preview” icon to get your widget code/profile url.

Your Premium.Chat URL looks like

You can click on “Copy Direct Link” from the Widget Preview page.

2. Login to your Facebook account, and Click on the “About” page

This link will get you directly there quickly (if you are not logged in be sure to login)

3. Click on “Contact and Basic info” > Go to the Websites Section and click on “+ Add a Website” – you can copy and paste your Premium.Chat profile url in this field. It starts with (replace yourusername with your exact username on Premium.Chat)

4. Verify your Premium.Chat account by going back to your Premium.Chat Dashboard. Click on the “Verify Account” button.

or click on the direct link:

5. In the URL field, type or paste your Facebook URL to your profile where you added your Premium.Chat profile link.

If your username is @justinbieber on Facebook, then you will eneter

Click on Verify URL and Activate to Finalize!

That’s it! If you have any questions, or need support – complete the contact form.

Thank you!

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